Another DA bigwig leaves the party


A leading politician and member of the Western Cape government announced on Tuesday that he is leaving the DA to join Marius Fransman’s People’s Movement for Change.

Dan Plato previously served as mayor of Cape Town for two terms and until yesterday was still a member of the Western Cape provincial parliament. He has also served as the MEC for Community Safety.

The DA took note of his resignation in a short statement and wished him all the best for his future endeavours.

“We thank him for his years of service, to the DA and at different levels of government,” said Tertuis Simmers, provincial head of the DA.

According to News24, Plato decided to leave the DA because (according to him) this party no longer speaks to the poor and working class. “The DA has moved away from its commitment to serve the most vulnerable in society. It would appear that the party silences voices that do not correspond to a certain clique and critical outreach programs that should provide assistance to the poor are currently being canceled in the City of Cape Town.”

Fransman is a former ANC member who was the chairman of the ANC in the Western Cape until 2016. However, he founded the PMC last year, focusing on empowerment and solving problems in the local community.

Plato is the most recent DA leader to leave the party shortly before the national election.

Khume Ramulifho, the DA’s spokesperson for education in Gauteng, also resigned from the party in January to join the new party, Rise Mzansi. Ghaleb Cachalia, former DA shadow minister for trade and industry, packed his bags three weeks ago. In a statement issued on 18 January, he said it was because the DA did not agree with his views and statements regarding the war in Gaza.

His resignation comes about two months after the DA kicked him out of the shadow cabinet – precisely because of the statements he made in public about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Cachalia said, among other things, that Israel is committing genocide and that he will not be “silenced”.