Another hoof attack in Kameeldrift West


A family of four was attacked by three men on a small holding in Kameeldrift West in Pretoria on Friday evening and held hostage, while they were robbed of numerous possessions.

This comes exactly one week after Dawid Nortje was ambushed at his home on a smallholding in the same area and shot in the chest.

RNews reported earlier that Nortje was apparently working outside when he noticed movement next to the house and saw two suspects who had already entered the yard. The suspects then rushed at Nortje after which he threw a table in their direction to try to stop them, however, he was shot in the chest moments later.

Nico van Vuuren, chairman of the community policing forum (CPF) in the area, says the latest incident took place only a block away from the previous attack. The CPF was called to the scene at around 21:15 on Friday evening after officers from Loyal Security notified them of the incident.

“The family was busy barbecuing on the stoep when the alarm beams outside on the yard picked up movement and started shouting.

“The boy (22) then noticed the armed men, after which the family immediately rushed into the house. However, they could not close the barred gate soon enough,” says Van Vuuren.

The armed men entered the house and ambushed the family.

“The thugs hit the boy in the face with a firearm and tied him up. Apparently they also kept kicking him when he was lying down. I suspect they were afraid that he would get hold of them because he is a big and strong boy.

“After that, they moved up and down the house and looted a lot of items in the house. Among other things, they stole all the mobile phones, a television and a laptop,” says Van Vuuren.

According to Van Vuuren, the family was held hostage for half an hour. However, the daughter (20) kept her head and stuck her mobile phone in her pants when the thugs weren’t looking and the mother pretended to faint.

“Everyone was tied up, except the mother. Because she was ‘faint’, the thugs didn’t pay much attention to her. She was able to escape moments later – when the suspects were ransacking the house – to go get help.

“The thugs chased her, but she managed to hide behind bushes and plants and was lucky enough to get away.

“She then climbed over line wires and ran to the nearest neighbors to call for help. When she was a long way from the house, she started screaming for help, but she did it in such a way that the thugs couldn’t hear or see her,” says Van Vuuren.

“When the thugs realized that the woman was gone and that they weren’t going to find her, they fled the scene.”

Moments later, the family was assisted by numerous security companies, including Loyal Security and the GPF.

According to Van Vuuren, officers from Loyal Security were soon on the scene and members of the police were also called later.

RNews has approached the police for comment; their feedback will be updated as soon as it is received.