Another movie comes from the beloved children’s book author’s pen


Of Lemon!, A good day for tree climbing and Perfect to another film that promises to captivate viewers – the children’s book author, Jaco Jacobs, is the screenwriter of a delightful film.

The fantastic disappearance of Charlie Prinsis a story so unique to Jaco’s writing style and inventive imagination, and it will soon debut on kykNET as a story movie.

“Jaco is a melting pot of ideas and The fantastic disappearance of Charlie Prins was one of the ideas he came up with,” said Réze Fox, production manager at Green Planet Production, which produced the movie.

The fantastic disappearance of Charlie Prins tells the story of Charlie and her mother, Ilse, who go to live with one of Ilse’s university friends in a new town. Charlie struggles to adjust and finds peace in her socks and the classic book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She imagines that she can erase herself like the Chesire cat and camouflage herself as she likes.

Two of the boys in her class, Jarryd and Ethan, have to do a task about an Afrikaans book. Ethan approaches Charlie to work on it with them and the three become fast friends. Everything goes smoothly until a post on Instagram reveals Charlie and Ilse’s new place of residence and their past begins to catch up with them.

Actor, TV presenter and joker, Francois Jacobs, sat in the director’s chair for this movie, and the cast consists of a handful of heavyweight and rookie actors.

Méla Swanepoel can be seen as Charlie, Dirk Jacobs as Ethan and The Vow says Rico Immelman as Jarryd. Christel van den Bergh, Pierre Breytenbach, Mandi Baard, Reandi Grey, Zan Hendrikz, Christo Davids and Lizz Meiring can also be seen in the film.

“It has a nice twist in the cable when it comes to one of the main characters, but we’re not going to spoil too much. All we will say is that this feature film is about your time on the school benches and that is something that always resonates,” says Réze.

“Charlie, who is searching for her own identity, takes her entire family and circle of friends along on this journey of discovery. It’s perfect entertainment for a Saturday night and everyone – from grandma and grandpa to the little ones – can watch together.”

  • The fantastic disappearance of Charlie Prins will be broadcast on kykNET, DStv channel 144 on 2 September at 20:00 and will also be available on Catch Up and DStv Stream.

Watch the trailer of the film here: