Arnie now boasts the biggest action figure


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action figure recently unveiled at ShowFX in Santa Fe Springs, California is now officially the world’s largest.

This action figure stands 6,748 meters high – that’s higher than an average giraffe, which stands about 5.5 meters high and bigger than the noses of the presidential faces on Mount Rushmore – about 6 meters each, reports Guinness World Records.

The figure is Arnold’s character Luke Brunner from the Netflix series Fubar, and is a giant version of the 10.4 cm tall limited edition action figure that Netflix created to celebrate the release of its original series. The figure was originally part of a billboard in Vienna, Austria, which was used to market the series.

The action figure, made of plastic, sponge and metal, is also functional with arms that can rotate.

A scale model action figure by Pablo Perra & Concrete Candy is offered for sale.

Fubar is the action hero and former bodybuilder Arnie’s first leading role in a TV series. He is best known for his roles in movies like Terminator, Conan the Barbarian and The Expendables.

In the Netflix series, which has been renewed for a second season, he plays the role of a CIA agent who discovers that his daughter Emma has unknowingly followed in his footsteps. They have been lying to each other for years about what they do for a living, but now they have to work together on a series of dangerous missions.

Arnold’s gigantic action figure is just the latest in a series of records he has already conquered. He is the bodybuilder with the most movies (47 up to and including 2017), the youngest Mr. Olympia (23 years and 65 days), and the star with the most movies that became a video game (13 through 2017).

One would like to say his action figure is probably his last world record, but he will be back – he usually is.