Arno Carstens adds to Afrikaans musical treasury


The themes of Arno Carstens’ latest short album were born from a turbulent background of global and local changes.

This is how the iconic musician talks about his new release, Seven bags of hopewhich is now available on all digital platforms.

“It is a beacon of solidarity, reminding us that in the midst of the cacophony of life, hope remains the universal language that offers comfort and understanding.”

Seven bags of hope discusses the global impact on local culture and personal identities and gives a sense of comfort and union through the music,” says Carstens.

“Hope, resilience and the nuances of human relationships are explored through the tracks in the album. Lasting camaraderie, life’s challenges and also a sense of urgency to live in the moment are portrayed through the music.”

Carstens, who was born in the Cape in 1972, started his music career in the early nineties as the lead singer of the music group Springbok Nude Girls.

Now, many years later, Carstens’ musical treasure chest continues to be replenished with new Afrikaans tracks.

Earlier this year, Carstens released a single, “Hoe gaan dit”. He told in a studio interview with RNews that the void left by emigrated friends was the inspiration behind this single.

Carstens joined Theo Crous, Fred den Hartog and Dane Taylor Seven bags of hope worked. This album joins Carstens’ first Afrikaans album, The Evening Flower 13which was released in 2016 and is considered some of his most important work as a musician.

The Evening Flower 13 was a tribute to his growing up years. The music in this album is an exhibition of Carstens’ exceptional ability to transform stories of love, awakening and change into meaningful songs.

In his music he is equally at home in English and Afrikaans. It is important for him to make a distinction.

“The music isn’t really different, but writing in English is different. The music is melodic and the words come easily. Creating in Afrikaans is slightly more difficult. It is a descriptive language, and you can articulate emotions and stories that one really feels,” he told RNews.

Watch the music video for “How’s it going” here: