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1 650 people currently working on site at Baywest Mall

NOVEMBER 19, 2014
1 650 people currently working on site at Baywest Mall

There are currently 1 650 people om site at the Baywest Mall, bringing the total number of people who have worked on the project for varying periods to date to 4 200. Murray and Roberts Buildings Operations Director, Tienie Neethling, says that this includes all skill levels, all subcontractors and Murray & Roberts employees.

An audit of the various skills sets is currently being carried out, Neethling saying that of the total number of employed roughly 60% were unskilled and 40% skilled.

Work on the mall s roof is due for completion at the end of this month, with Uitenhage-based steel company, Uitenhage Structural Steel, having been in charge of putting up the 1 200 ton roof structure.

Durban-based company Browndeck has laid the 380 tons of roof sheeting – spanning about 65 000 square metres in area.

Baywest says that tenant installations are scheduled to start from December, adding that there are about 3.5 kilometres of shop front throughout the mall and approximately 35 kilometres of cabling. Landscaping starts in January next year.

The first part of the R300-kilometre road network is due for completion in March next year – the extension of Walker Drive to the mall and the off ramps and on ramps from and to the N2 freeway to the mall/Walker Drive.

The bridge over the N2 is due for completion early next month and the link with Old Cape Road – joining at Bridgemeade / Rowallan Park will be completed next September.

Baywest MD Gavin Blows says: “We are extremely excited to be able to bring what will be a unique shopping experience in South Africa to the Eastern Cape.

“Before we know it Baywest will be open for business and changing the way people think about the Eastern Cape, he adds. - metrominutes

IMAGE sourced from Baywest Mall Facebook page