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10 Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

10 Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

You can’t see them; they’re everywhere – even inside you …by the millions. They’re bacteria, and without them we would all die. But wait, aren’t bacteria the bad guys? Yes, in many cases they are.

However, that partially depends on where they are inside your body. For example, your guts is teeming with E.coli that helps digestion only when they get your bloodstream that you have a problem! So, here is the list of the 10 dirtiest things you touch every day...


Elevator Buttons

Need not say more - they’re pretty much exactly like switches except they get flipped way more often and everyone leaves a bit of their germs behind.



As a rule, the smaller the denomation the dirtier you can expect it to be - because small changes hands way too often. After randomly analysing a sampled stash of paper money, researchers at the Wright Patterson Medical Center in Ohio actually found that a majority of paper bills have enough bacteria to give someone with a compromised immune system (HIV or cancer) some serious problems.


Gas Pump Handles

How often do you stop to fill up at your local petrol station and at the same time get some food for the road? Hopefully, not very often because eating those chips after touching that gas pump is almost like licking the hands of every person to have ever used. Moreover, gas pumps are consistantly ranked by studies as one of the dirtiest places that we regularly stick our hands.


Escalator Rails

Topping the list of the world’s most useless bacteria infested things, unless you find some pressing need to stabilize yourself, we suggest you stear clear of the hand rails on escalators. Where you at the mall this past weekend?


Computer Keyboard

Wash your hands after surfing the web at your local library because those keyboards are some of the worst offenders when it comes to germ infestations. Studies have even found bacteria like staph and E.coli on their surfaces.


Kitchen Sink

With over half a million bacteria per square inch this is surely one of the dirtiest places in your house, and without a doubt far dirtier than anything in your bathroom will ever be.


Shopping Cart

Researchers at the University of Arizona recently found that shopping carts had more bacteria, saliva, and fecal particles than public bathrooms, telephones, and even those nasty escalator handrails. For this reason, many shopping centers (in the developed world) are now offering wipes to clean off your shopping cart before entering the store.


Drinking Fountain

With school fountains being the worst, they can have over 2.5 million bacteria per square inch on their spigots. That’s over 5 times filthier than anything on this list so far.


Playground Equipment

Although this is no secret to parents among you, there is nothing on this planet dirtier than a kindergardener. Now imagine dozens of them swinging, crying, bleeding, and drooling all over brightly colored slides and staircases. But hey, it’s good for their immune systems right?


Your Mouth

Most of those germs on the playground, in the elevator, and all over your keyboard came from one spot …human mouths. And with millions of bacteria per square inch, over 700 different species call it home. But remember, not all germs are bad. In fact, your body is teeming with “good” bacteria that do everything from help you digest your food to fight off all the bad germs you get from touching the things on this list.