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'Polygraph results confirm innocence of DA councillors and support staff'

Oct 5, 2016
'Polygraph results confirm innocence of DA councillors and support staff'

"Polygraph test results facilitated by an independent service provider have exonerated Ward 40 Councillor Jason Grobbelaar, PR Councillor Sebenzile Rafani, and Ward Assistants Mzingizi Vandala and Antoinette Hermanus of any wrongdoing," said the Cllr Werner Senekal, Chief Whip of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Council.

"The Polygraph examiner, a labour law specialist, confirmed that the comprehensive psycho-physiological analysis resulted in a conclusion that no deception was indicated and that all answers were truthful.

"After having also conducted my own investigation, I have concluded that no DA Councillor or support staff member was involved or had any knowledge of posting the sign on the doors at the Kuyga Community Centre.

"All three ANC members who were asked to take polygraph tests declined to do so, which lends credence to the allegations that they were responsible for placing these signs at the community hall.

"Former Mayoral Committee Member, Mafana, one of the ANC members alleged to be involved, has a history of deception and lies, having misrepresented himself, so it is alleged, as the Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay on a trip to China in 2013.

"This is simply another example of the ANC using devious tactics in an attempt to prevent services from being delivered to the people of this Metro.

"This new administration remains committed to improving the lives of residents through clean, efficient governance. The ward 40 office will remain open and our work will continue, uninterrupted.

"It is our understanding that the SAPS investigation is ongoing and we will cooperate entirely until the suspect/s is/are identified, charged and prosecuted," Senekal said.