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NAACAM show to drive localisation agenda

Nov 4, 2016
NAACAM show to drive localisation agenda

The National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers of South Africa says high levels of industry participation in the NAACAM Show, will ensure that it makes a significant contribution to increasing levels of localisation in the automotive value chain.

NAACAM President Dave Coffey said since its launch in July this year that almost half of all exhibition space, had been secured by a range of suppliers, including Tier 1 manufacturers and that prominent speakers, including several local OEM CEOs, would address conference delegates on topics ranging from automotive policy, transformation, trade in Africa, localisation, leadership, the future of the automobile, tooling to manufacturing best practices.

"We are encouraged by the level of commitment from the supply base and especially the higher tier suppliers who have the potential not only to provide locally made components to OEM and other clients but to also source products previously imported from lower tier suppliers.''

"The rate at which the industry is registering for all the activities of the NAACAM Show, demonstrates a strong appetite and resolve from the entire automotive value chain to unite and explore the opportunities to grow the sector,'' Coffey said.

The NAACAM Show, scheduled for April 5-7 next year (2017) at the Durban ICC, will be run in conjunction with the Durban Automotive Cluster's National Localisation Indaba.

“Higher volumes along with deeper localisation in the value chain facilitate competitiveness and economies of scale resulting in greater  manufacturing output, job creation and an improved trade balance which are key to our economy; in addition an important element of the Show will be the strong presence of Black suppliers showcasing their capabilities in order to facilitate trade with Tier1 and other Tier suppliers.”, says Coffey.

"NAACAM fully supports government’s long-term objectives for the South African automotive industry, namely the production of high-volume, high-quality vehicles at a competitive cost and with deeper levels of local content. The NAACAM Show, which will showcase the total supply chain - NAACAM members and non-members alike - is designed to assist in achieving these objectives.'' Coffey said.

A large-scale exhibition, automotive industry conference, learning tour and The Durban Automotive Cluster's (DAC) National Localisation Indaba are key features of the effort, says Coffey.

Buyer-Supplier Linkage meetings are facilitated free of charge to all SA domiciled manufacturers and buyers who are registered to attend the NAACAM Show incorporating the DAC National Localisation Indaba.
The meetings (facilitated between OEMs, Tier 1s, Tier 2s and Tier 3s) facilitate both short and long term localisation opportunities. They will take place in private meeting rooms throughout the duration of the NAACAM Show.

In partnership with the Durban Automotive Cluster (DAC) and the National Localisation Indaba, the NAACAM Show provides South African component suppliers the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities, network and do business with local and foreign, existing and potential customers.

Automotive manufacturing is a mainstay of South Africa's industrial base, contributing 7,2% of GDP, 30,2% of manufacturing output and 11,7% of SA exports (source - AIEC).

While the sector produces around 600,000 vehicles a year, supporting more than 100,000 manufacturing jobs, NAAMSA President Mike Whitfield has forecast its contribution to GDP to rise to 10% by 2020.

More information is available at www.naacamshow.co.za