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Seen at: VDA German Association of the Automotive Industry brings Regional Conference to Port Elizabeth

By Jesica Slabbert - Dec 6, 2016
Seen at: VDA German Association of the Automotive Industry brings Regional Conference to Port Elizabeth

The Verband Der Automotbilindustrie (VDA) Quality Management Committee (QMC) Regional Conference International took place on the 19th of October at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.

“When the strongest and most powerful car maker association decided to hold this Regional Conference on South African soil, then clearly one being involved in this industry must be truly overwhelmed, indeed I am,” said Hans Trunkenpolz, Managing Director of ENCONAcademy.

ENCONAcademy, which has its head office in Chintsa, East London; has its Cape Branch in Port Elizabeth; its Northern Branch in Pretoria, an EU branch and Asia Branch in Taiwan, offers VDA QMC business seminars and professional training to businesses and employees.

The academy is an internationally operating enterprise and it has provided services in nearly 40 countries worldwide.

Since 1997, the QMC has been available to German automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. It is the task of the QMC within the VDA to further quality in the automotive industry and the quality idea throughout the complete value-added chain of manufacturers, suppliers and beyond.

The spectrum of the VDA QMC business training seminars ranges from the development of systems and methods to the design of Quality Management Systems in the automotive industry.

Competent trainers from German carmakers, as well as local automotive experts, bring their international automotive industry experience to a wide range of top class training. 

Among the many guest speakers, who attended this conference were the Deputy Managing Director of VDA QMC, Norbert Hass; AUDI AG Germany Corporate Quality Department member, Torsten Marx; Wolfgang Alram; Wolfgang Deisenroth, Chairman of the Warranty Working Group of the Association of European Automotive Suppliers; Michael Pfaff, current Quality Assurance at VW Uitenhage; and Kim van Kets, former legal manager at Mercedes-Benz South Africa in East London.

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