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Thyspunt nuclear power station nearing realisation says community forum

Dec 21, 2016
Thyspunt nuclear power station nearing realisation says community forum

The most talked about nuclear development at Thyspunt is "getting high momentum and its realisation is imminent", says former Kouga Local Municipality Councillor, who is now the Chairperson of the newly-established, Thyspunt Nuclear Development Forum, Phumzile Oliphant.

"This year has seen many positive factors taking place inter alia, the Official Launch of the Thyspunt Nuclear Development Forum," he said.

"The pronouncement by Minister Pravin Gordhan during the mid-term budget speech that Eskom will be charged with the responsibility to oversee the processes of procurement of the nuclear station. The ruling of the Western Cape High Court that Eskom may continue with the Request For Information (RFI).

"Thyspunt remains the suitable site for the construction of the nuclear plant, hence the establishment of this forum is of high importance for the people of Kouga."

Oliphant said that as much as this "mega project remains a programme of national government we felt obligated to become direct participant to avoid and avert a situation where we shall be spectators on a project at our door step".

"This Forum wish to reiterate its stance that we are a non-political body and shall remain above politics for as long as we exist. We further wish to re-emphasize that we don't need any political body and or Institutions approval for our existence, however we remain committed in working with whoever for as long as we are not drawn into politics," he added.

"We are aware of the silent moves to undermine our existence, we are even aware of concerted efforts by politicians to counteract the purposes of our existence as well as our programmes as the Thyspunt Nuclear Development Forum.

"We remain resolute in opposing any political organization or politically led institution which will attempt to play with the plight of the poor masses of Kouga for political point scoring and or to use these processes as a tool to cling in power. We are fully aware of the intended programme to undermine this Forum.

"It can't be that political institution be allowed to use the people of Kouga under false pretext as if this is their programme. We want to fore-warn you that poverty and unemployment doesn't have political identity. The fact that politicians want to establish parallel forums is a move to enforce propaganda as well as to use Thyspunt as a political profiling tool." 

Oliphant said that "those tactics are stale and out-dated".

"The unemployment rate remains a concern as it's affecting the young and old educated and uneducated and Thyspunt nuclear development will be the biggest employer in this area with a wage average of R17 000 per month.

"This alone will alleviate poverty and dependency the people of Kouga will systematically depart from a slavery wage and shall be able to support their families," he added.

"We are not a fly by-night we are a properly established forum with a legal constitution. As we close 2016 this forum wants to thank the Presidency for its year end statement which reflects particularly on Nuclear and processes of Procurement, this forum will as we move into 2017 strongly lobby for the identification of young people to attend at the School of Excellence so that they get prepared for this Mega Development.

"We will be confronted with a busy year calendar in 2017 and the people of Kouga should be ready and start registering companies so that they are able to be active participants in the mainstream economy."