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Rosatom offers South African students comprehensive scholarships to top Russian nuclear universities

Mar 3, 2017
Rosatom offers South African students comprehensive scholarships to top Russian nuclear universities

Following the successful completion of two online physics Olympiads in 2016, Rosatom Africa announced for another consecutive year that it will be selecting top students to receive free bachelors’ degree education at its world class nuclear universities.

Rosatom regional vice-president for Sub-Saharan Africa, Viktor Polikarpov noted that the global nuclear leader viewed education as a vital aspect for nuclear development.

“We see education as one of our key objectives and therefore play an active role in assisting students from across the globe to receive the highest-quality international education, and we have a number of bursaries available for South African students.”

The first step in selecting future students for Russian nuclear universities is an online physics Olympiad “Nuclear education in Russia”, which will be held on the 9th of March 2017 from 9:00 until 22:00.

Any learner can try his or her hand – to qualify for the Olympiad students need only to register on the website beforehand. The web address is http://www.globalatom.ru/en/news/49. Winners will be announced at a special prize giving ceremony at the end of March.

The top-three achievers will be awarded with fabulous prizes. The winners of the 2016 Olympiad received a top of the line laptop as 1st prize, a tablet and smartphone as 2nd and 3rd place prizes respectively.

The top 10 highest test score holders will be offered the unique opportunity to be shortlisted for one of ten free bursaries for a bachelor’s degree majoring in nuclear studies in one of Russia’s leading universities.

How to participate:  

  1. Register on the contest website and prepare for the multiple choice Olympiad. Example of a typical question: Harmonic oscillation with 2 cm amplitude and 2 Hz frequency can be expressed in the SI system with the following equation.
  2. Wait for results – if you are announced winner – submit application and support documents via website http://russia.study/en

Support documents include:

  • Copy of passport (expiry date of your passport has to be more than 18 months);
  • Copy of the Original of education document, with the subjects and marks attachment (if any);
  • Copy of the Medical certificate indicating the absence of medical contraindications to study in Russia;
  1. Review of application by the Russian Ministry of Education
  2. Qualifying round.
  3. Receive invitation from university
  4. Receive VISA
  5. Jump on the next flight to Russia for a world class education

Contact persons for learners:

  1. Pavel Novozhilov, head of Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in South Africa at rsa.rossotr@gmail.com or +27 12 362 1337 (desk) or +27 72 999 00 56 (mobile).
  2. Elena Tonkonogaya, manager of international programs of Rosatom Corporate Academy at tonkonogaya@rosatom-academy.ru or +7(499) 922 42 49 (ext. 2173).