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14 “disputes” outstanding in Metro

Oct 9, 2014
14 “disputes” outstanding in Metro

There were 14 “disputes” outstanding in the municipality as at June 30 this year, according to a report to be submitted to the Human Resources and Corporate Administration Committee.

The report shows that one of the disputes has been outstanding since 2010, two from 2011, seven from 2013 and four from the current year.

In a report on disciplinary cases, grievances and disputes for the period covering April 1 to June 30 this year, Executive Director Mod Ndoyana states that over this period a total of six disputes were decided in favour of the municipality.

He said a further four were withdrawn by the applicant or not referred for arbitration, two, both about pay parity and “money that took too long to be paid due to long administrative processes,” were settled before arbitration.

In a separate report to the committee, Ndoyana states that 82 assets with a total book value of R6 536.00 had not been verified by Asset Management staff during the recent asset verification exercise.

The assets, he adds, needed to be disposed of because they were “redundant, broken and irreparable.

He says that all the assets were classified as “Furniture and Fittings” with 20 of the 82 broken furniture, while 47 had no bar codes.

The report also states that an additional 50 assets that were “computer equipment” with a book value of R17 466.04 had also not been verified and it was recommended that they should be dis-posed of as they were redundant, bro-ken or unserviceable. - metrominutes