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15-year-old arrested for attempted murder after shooting man in Helenvale

Dec 11, 2017
15-year-old arrested for attempted murder after shooting man in Helenvale

The SAPS' Festive Season operations are in full swing and have resulted in the arrest of several criminals including those preying on unsuspecting shoppers and businesses. 

Police also warned irresponsible party revellers that they will face a bleak festive season as police are earnestly working to ensure that all people in the Nelson Mandela Metro, including tourists, enjoy a peaceful and safe festive period.

According to police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu, on  Friday, at about 15:00, a 15-year-old boy was arrested by members of the National Intervention Team minutes after a shooting incident took place in the alley between Deveril and Leith streets in Helenvale, Port Elizabeth.

"A 25-year-old male was wounded in his leg and was taken to hospital," she added.

"NIT members arrested the suspect in Deveril Road.

"He will appear in court on Monday on a charge of attempted murder."

Again on Friday, at about 21:00, a 41-year-old man was approached by two men as he was outside his Airport Valley house in Walmer, Port Elizabeth.

"The men, who are known to him, asked him for a cigarette and as he was handing them a cigarette, he was shoved into his shack.

"They took his clothing, money and his cell phone," said Col Naidu.

"The man reported the incident on Saturday, and  while police were still on the scene, the Trio Task Team member and the duty officer followed up on leads and one suspect was arrested and the stolen property recovered."|

She added that on Saturday, five people were arrested for possession of drugs by National Intervention Team and Crime Combatting Unit members performing duties from the Cluster Operational Command Centre.

"Dagga, mandrax and tik were confiscated. While searching a house in Shauderville, Port Elizabeth, a gas gun and drugs was confiscated as the suspect was seen tossing the gas gun away."

At  about 12:42 , on Saturday, Mount Road members also confiscated a Ford Fiesta in Western Road, Central, Port Elizabeth.

"The vehicle was allegedly seen at a well-known mall and was suspected of being involved in a theft case. The suspects left the vehicle at a car wash, however the manager of the car wash was informed to contact the police as soon as the owner returned for the car," Col Naidu described.

"At about 21:30, on Saturday, two people were taken in for questioning.

"A female suspect was positively identified through video footage as the person, who stole a handbag from a shopper at the mall. The complainant positively identified her personal belongings. The woman was detained for theft."

Col Naidu said that police are also warning businesses to keep minimum cash in their tills and to increase their security during this  peak season.

"Companies making deliveries are also advised not to leave vehicle keys in the loaded trucks nor should the keys be left with security guards. Criminals are aware of this and are driving away in the trucks and offloading the goods elsewhere. Those involved or responsible in stokvels are also advised to be extra cautious during this period. Never carry or leave large amounts of cash in the home," she described.

"SAPS members will be out in their numbers during the festive season ensuring that everyone are and feel safe however the community is also urged to work with the police and be responsible in safeguarding their possessions.

"Drug peddlers  plying  their lucrative trade are warned that there will be no mercy on them .They will be arrested and will face the full might of the law. During the start of the Festive Season, we have  had several arrests and personal assets have also been seized.  The Nelson Mandela Metro is no haven for drug peddlers/traffickers."