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SAA is robbing South Africa of basic services – DA reports

By Marc Jacobson - Jul 8, 2017
SAA is robbing South Africa of basic services – DA reports

Since Jacob Zuma has taken office, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has proclaimed that South African Airways (SAA) has received over R20.1-billion in bailouts and guarantees, sparked by SAA’s recent R2.2-billion bailout from National Treasury.

The struggling and controversial airline has been given billions of rands in bailouts over the last few years, and according to a report released by the DA, this is what the money could have rather been spent on:

As DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane stated, “the money to fund our universities is there in the endless bailouts we give SAA.”

With this in so saying, it was captured that over 80 000 students could have had their undergraduate studies paid out in full.

Almost 13 000 police officers and almost 103 000 nurses could have been employed for the last eight years, and more than 100 000 South Africans could have had a home for their families, and a roof over their heads.

Adding to that, almost 6-million households could have been given access to running water since 2009, while low income to 2.8-million middle income households could have been connected to electricity.

This while 2-million households could also have been serviced with refuse removal for every year since Zuma took over in 2009.

Despite all the bailouts and guarantees, SAA continues to lose R370-million every month.

The DA has announced that SAA must be placed under business rescue as soon as possible, before it is too late.