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Three skills that are currently in high demand in South Africa

By Jesica Slabbert - Aug 19, 2017
Three skills that are currently in high demand in South Africa

Whether you are job hunting at the moment or thinking about your future career path, it’s helpful to know where the highest demand for work in South Africa is at the moment.

According to research done by the South African Jobs Portal, there are several skills and jobs and that you can consider for your career in 2017.

The jobs centre around three primary skills that are currently high in demand.

IT Development

As technology progresses so too does the skills needed to keep up with new trends. So, it goes without saying that people with the skills and knowledge to work in IT – particularly in software development, will always be in high demand.

IT skills are in high-demand so much that demand is surpassing supply.  Highly-skilled developers and specialist engineers are, thus, commanding extremely high salaries.

So brush up on your computer and development knowledge, or choose a course in university that focuses and IT and software development to make sure that you won’t be added to the statistic of unemployed youths in the country.


There is a surprisingly huge demand for accountants in South Africa, especially those who qualify for Cost and Management Accounting and Auditing. According to SAICA, South Africa requires another 22000 qualified Accountants to fill the demand gap.

However, Accounting is an extremely competitive and challenging degree to achieve and because of this there is a considerably low pass rate for students.

But don’t let that stop you from pursuing Accounting as a career. Many degrees and qualifications are met with their own challenges; the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is that passion is needed in order to get results.


There is a huge gap in the job market in South Africa for nurses, as it is such a niche field of study and a job that comes with great responsibility. This is not only a problem in South Africa, but all over the world.

And because there is such a high demand for nurses in South Africa you are almost guaranteed a job after graduating. If you are a qualified nurse, the chances of finding good place of employment quickly are great, and if you’re a very competent nurse, you’ll be all the more in demand and head hunted.


One thing to note from these three careers, is that they all offer travel opportunities. Gaining a qualification in any of these careers means that you can do the job not only in South Africa but in other countries as well.