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15th Annual ECPTA Game Auction on this weekend at Fish River Sun

Jun 8, 2017
15th Annual ECPTA Game Auction on this weekend at Fish River Sun

The Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency, which manages a number of provincial Nature Reserves in the Eastern Cape, will be hosting its 15th Annual Game Auction.

The auction will take place take place on Saturday, the 10th of June 2016 at the Fish River Sun between East London and Port Alfred. 

According to the agency, the auction is meant to manage the herbivore popultion numbers in the province's nature reserves and protected areas.

"The game auction will see over 300 animals like the buffalo, mountain zebra, elands, plains zebras, springbok, bontebok and red hartebeest sold off to the highest bidder who will then place the animals within their own establishments," it added.


ECPTA looks to invest funds raised during the Auction towards the agency’s conservation programs that include:

  • Sharing proceeds from two buffalo sales to the Likhayalethu Communal Property Association of the Double Drift community because of an existing co-management agreement that the agency entered into with the community. The National Environmental Management of Protected Areas Act and the National Co-Management Frame prescribe that land owner communities be at the centre of management of protected areas including decision making and also enjoy tangible and intangible benefits from conservation. It is against this background that ECPTA will be donating the aforementioned proceeds to demonstrate commitment towards implementation of effective co-management agreements that are mutually beneficial for the agency and partners.
  • Investing in young people from communities adjacent to ECPTA reserves through the form of bursaries schemes funded from three buffalo sales made during the auction.
  • Lastly the agency has a standing partnership with the Southern African Wildlife College where two buffalos will be sold and the proceeds will go towards training and developing ECPTA staff members on various conservation and environment related fields. Worth noting is the success of this collaboration that saw the agency’s October Salome as the top performing candidate for the southern region in 2015’s intake at the college.

According to Vuyani Dayimani, ECPTA’s Chief Executive Officer, the agency as one of its strategic goals is to secure key biodiversity in the province through improving management effectiveness of protected arrears, developing and implementing a provincial protected area system and growing revenue from biodiversity goods and services.

He continues that culling, hunting and live sales are important in achieving agency goals and that they are proved and tested methods that promote healthy ecosystems.

“As Auctions are also directly about the buyers, we went on a drive to foster better relations with them through breakfast sessions across provincial regions where we engaged buyers on expectations from both sides.

"Advertisements in local press and the ECPTA website and direct invitations to industry players were executed timeously for everyone’s convenience. We are very grateful for the support of buyers in our nature conservation and biodiversity management quest,” notes Dayimani.

He further explains that even though healthy relations with buyers are important bidding rules and procedures will be strictly adhered to during the auction and those will include:

  • Registered buyers being able to bid on the day of the auction. 
  • The registration process opened three hours before the auction begins. 
  • Once the bid process has been completed, and payment effected, only then will bidders take ownership and transportation of the game under the strict permits and transportation regulations as set by the provincial department responsible for conservation in their respective new homes and provinces, in conjunction with the Eastern Cape’s Department of Economic Development Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) office.
  • In the case of a buffalo a “No Objection” permits should further be issued by a local state veterinarian at the game’s new home province before the game can be moved. Buyers of buffalo need to be in possession of a WR Number issued by the Department of Agriculture.