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Celebrating 20 years of Crazy products!

Aug 23, 2017
Celebrating 20 years of Crazy products!

South Africa's largest discount variety chain, The Crazy Store, is proud to have kept the brand going for the past 20 years, positioning themselves a one-stop-shop with a crazy product range that surprises and delights the whole family. Focusing on customer care and product development has helped them advance and maintain relationships with customers. They’ve asked a few people to share their memories on how their products ended up in their hands and what makes them special.

They are all about creating a memorable experience that leaves a story worth telling the next day. The Crazy Store Managing Director, Kevin Lennett’s first buy was an Easter chocolate bunny. “The store offered me a sample of the item – it tasted great so I bought some”, Lennett says. He reminisced on how he was researching the business that day and his sweet tooth was indulged in the process.

With a very fun and broad product range, it doesn’t give customers much choice for favourite items – you end up liking them all. Old Friends Young Talent Co-founder and Creative Director, Jono Shubitz shares some of his treasured products – “First, the bath duck - very cute, full of character, and a little bit crazy. Second, ornamental gnomes - they remind me of Snow White.”

The Crazy Store brings out the fun in shopping whether for occasional or everyday needs keeping in mind the size of consumer’s pockets. Customer, Anathi Mjongile says, “When I think of The Crazy Store’s product range, I think of it as the line between quantity and quality. You really do get the best for less. Your product is not comprised by the price.”

All this wouldn’t be possible without the work put into the vision. The team prides themselves in their consistency and ability to provide products fit for you and they’re only 20 years young!

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