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Con.ect Geek convention achieves great success over weekend

By Jesica Slabbert - Sep 4, 2017
Con.ect Geek convention achieves great success over weekend

It was an exciting weekend for geeks and cosplayers alike as the 2017 Con.ect geek convention took place over the weekend at the Fairview Sports and Community Centre in Port Elizabeth.

Hundreds of locals and visitors converged at the centre to experience the culture and wonder of the world of gaming, comics and cosplay.

Con.ect has been officially going for four years now, and has been growing each and every year. From humble beginnings at the Kings Court Shopping Centre until finally having it at the Fairview Sports and Community Centre the growth of the community is obvious every year as more visitors and more stalls join the convention.

This year, there was a visitor count of roughly 1 500 people, which means that the convention is only growing as the years go by.

There were over 50 stalls selling artwork, geeky merchandise and food for the visitors. There were also martial arts displays and demonstrations from the Port Elizabeth Aikido group, the Katsujinken Kai Port Elizabeth academy, the Shun Wu Tang Martial Arts Academy and Parkour Port Elizabeth.

Lucky draws were held at some of the stalls where visitors could win amazing prizes from custom artwork to a handcrafted Assassins Creed hidden blade with a wooden display.

Speaking to RNEWS, some local cosplayers spoke about the quality of cosplay at Con.ect and how they felt about the cosplayers this year.

“The cosplay in Port Elizabeth is growing, and cons like these can bring us all together and allow us to just enjoy ourselves. I’m looking forward to next year,” said Reii-Reii cosplay.

“It was really exciting to see all the cosplays, and the stalls had some amazing things. The competition was really fun and I can’t wait for next year’s event,” said Tilana Esterhuizen.

On Sunday, was the much anticipated Cosplay Competition and cosplayers upped their game in the hopes of winning fantastic prizes including a tattoo voucher from East Coast Customs, a voucher for Baywest Mall, a Bargain Books voucher and a cash prize from the Rotaract Club of Port Elizabeth.

Recurring MC for the con, Roland Gaspar, who also participated in cosplay this year, told RNEWS what he thought of this year’s Con.ect.

“Con.ect remains the premier gathering for fans of all genres, games, comics and cosplay in the Eastern Cape. Besides that, it’s a whole lot of fun.

“The cosplay artists for 2017 showed a great deal of versatility in their respective fields of art and design. The judges had a difficult time deciding on a single winner I’m sure! There were at least as many original cosplay costumes around the convention which were not entered as the ones who were,” explained Roland.

“If everyone who designed their costume this year enters next year, the competition will be off the hook!” 

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