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FMI celebrates 21st birthday by showcasing #21lives

By Afikile Lugunya - Sep 5, 2017
FMI celebrates 21st birthday by showcasing #21lives

Insurance provider, FMI celebrated its 21st birthday at Radisson Blu Hotel in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.

As one of South Africa’s leading insurance companies, FMI has endeavoured to better the lives of millions.

At the event, the company showcased 21 powerful and inspiring stories of different individuals that have their lives changed after joining FMI. These individuals had different stories to tell, but all led to one thing, that FMI doesn’t forsake you during tough times of injury, illness, or death.

FMI has a disability cover, critical illness cover and a life cover, which can be in the form of a lump sum cover, and income benefits.

The company believes that people don’t just want to hear stories but they want to hear their own stories. Through the #21 lives campaign, they are trying to get people to listen to stories relevant to them.

Life insurance is about assets, the future, critical illness and disability and that is why people are encouraged to invest in this insurance so that they can be able to take care of their loved ones when they no longer can.

Bongani Bingwa, who is a Carte Blanche Presenter and Journalist, was the guest speaker at the event and he had his own story to tell as he played a radio interview he had with a headmaster, who had to discipline a racist teacher after learners had provided a video as proof.

In the radio interview, it took about 5 minutes for the headmaster to actually say the exact racist acts done by the teacher as Bingwa kept asking him to.

According to Bingwa, the moral of this story was; “It takes one bad moment or one bad statement to ruin an image of an individual, so always make sure that the stories that you tell actually reflect the highest values that you have as a professional and when things go wrong take responsibility.”