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Metro to roll out online job application system to save City millions of rands

Sep 13, 2017
Metro to roll out online job application system to save City millions of rands

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is set to roll out an e-recruitment paperless job application system, which will eliminate perceived nepotisim and unfairness in the recruitment process.

"But more importantly, the migration from the archaic and costly application process will save the City millions of rands by cutting the use of paper in the application process," explained Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip.

"This was presented at a Mayoral Committee meeting by the Corporate Services Executive Director, Vuyo Zitumane, who said the new system would cut the time of sorting through applications to at least one month.

"Currently, the standard operating procedure stipulates that the application process should be concluded within three months. But due to the influx of applications for each vacancy, the Municipality has to contend with sifting through tons of applications, with about 85% of these coming from unqualified applicants."

Trollip said that with the new digital application system, applicants will apply online and if the candidate does not meet the minimum requirements, the system will immediately send an sms notification informing the applicant of this.

"If one meets the requirements, the system will send the applicant an automated One Time password to his or her cellphone which has to be inserted to verify the person's legitimacy. Once this is complete, the applicant's information will be populated to a broad application sheet where it will be dealt with by the recruitment team.

"This reaffirms our commitment as a forward thinking Municipality in ensuring that we strengthen our internal operational systems to improve service delivery. But also, it shows our innovative approach in working smart by bringing our customers to the digital realm to keep up with global technological systems," he added.

"The government recruitment process is perceived to be unfair and tainted, as political and other related interferences in the placement of candidates is fraught with meddling.

"Essentially, the roll out of this new system would eliminate all these interferences and provide a coherent application process for all deserving candidates."

Trollip also said that customer care centres will be equipped with kiosks where people can submit their applications under the tutelage support of a designated consultant.

"This removes the burden of traveling to Brister House for potential candidates to collect applications."