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SACP Buffalo City Region pickets outside court against evictions and bank repossessions

By Yolanda Palezweni - Sep 15, 2017
SACP Buffalo City Region pickets outside court against evictions and bank repossessions

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Buffalo City Region, together with the Financial Sector Campaign Coalition (FSCC), on Friday picketed outside the East London Magistrate’s Court demanding a stop to evictions and what they called illegal house repossessions by banks.

Addressing those gathered, SACP Eastern Cape Provincial spokesperson, Siyabonga Mdodi, said that that illegal garnishee orders are affecting the workers and their families and also called on workers and employers to scrutinize the garnishee orders and to see if they comply with the law.

“We equally call on the courts of law to stop corruption of some of the court officials, who collude with the banks and loan sharks to issue illegal garnishee orders, we demand the banks to stop reckless and unsecure lending to the beneficiaries of the social grants,” added Mdodi.


“We demand an end to the twenty year mortgage loans for houses which are attached by the banks. We demand the banks to stop reckless lending which trap the people in a vicious circle of unending debts.”

He said that the banks also must stop the exorbitant bank charges affecting the people while demanding that the banks abide by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) guidelines in the protection of the consumers from unscrupulous credit providers.

“We demand the mass campaign of consumer education programs funded by the Finance Institutions in particular the big banks and also introduction of low prescribed asserts to influence the redirect investment into the needy areas,” said Mdodi.

The SACP also said that government needs to end the corruption by some of the government officials, who collude with Finance Institutions in selling RDP houses.

“We demand our government to end the selling of RDP houses that is coupled with manipulation of beneficiary lists and also put an end to the victimization of the informal traders in general and hawkers in particular by the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality,” he added.

“We demand that the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality to provide clearly demarcated operational area with reasonable storage facility for the hawker, also the speeding up of the process and the financial support towards the establishment of the cooperatives academy.”

Mdodi said that the SACP in the Buffalo City regions was also demanding that government acts swiftly against corruption and the violence against women and children.

“We demand the government to grant a special operating license to the Post Bank. And use the Post Bank as the preferred service provider for the distribution of social grants,” he added.

A memorandum of demands was handed to East London Magistrate’s Court Senior Magistrate, Frans Goonsen. The court has 14 days to respond to the demands.

“We commit ourselves as the SACP that this is the start of the rolling mass action to transform the financial sector to serve the people and to end the evictions,” concluded Mdodi.

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