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Get your staff computer literate with New Era Computer Training Centre

By Monique Anvari - Sep 21, 2017
Get your staff computer literate with New Era Computer Training Centre

''Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world"   Nelson Mandela

In today’s global business ‘IT’ is the centre of learning, business and success; and Computer Literacy is the heart and pivotal pillar of this critically demanded skill, in every field…

IT: Computer Literacy in South Africa

Information Technology (IT) is in transition all over the world, continuously; and in some countries, rapidly.  However, in terms of Professional Computer Literacy, in South Africa, the nature of this transition is slow. 

Although general use of the Computer (PC) is common on daily basis, when it comes to Professional Practical application of its features in business, it is of serious question and concern! 

The main concern is about awareness and denial about the actual facts – the fact that PC-Users struggle and perform far from Professionalism.   And the fact that not facing these realities have a direct negative impact on staff confidence and development, productivity, quality, and service! 

The critical point is that many PC-Users, at work, try this-and-that-feature and keep struggling, wastes lots of time and lose their focus on main tasks; and keep blaming themselves, without realizing the impact of the commonIT-Gaps!  

In this regards, sadly, some Decision Makers in Management and Skills Development (SD), act in the same line – not practicing their responsibility!  This is due to not knowing better; or for other reasons.

How we assist Candidates with Existing (prior) Knowledge:

We provide most suitable solutions to overcome any existing gaps

  • Free Consultation and Diagnostic Assessment; which assist Learners to see where they REALLY stand
  • Often, Time&Cost-Saving Refresher Courses are our best solution: This guarantees to Update/refresh ones knowledge – with all NEW concepts, interface,terminology, features, commands, shortcuts, tools, etc. –which are globally ENFORCED in this most rapidly changing environment of ‘IT’
  • This will prepare staff to work with confidence, increase productivity, improved production quality, and better service – Quality Guaranteed!

How we assist Beginners: 

  • Learner-focused teaching, and Value-Added-Services
  • Free Course-Attendance Repeat, as may be required
  • Fully committed to instill the skills and confidence beginners need to work on PC – Quality Guaranteed!

We are committed to boost a quick growth, in 1 to 14 Days Training – Quality Guaranteed!

  • Management, Skills Development (SD) Planners – better decision making and better investment
  • Staff Development – better focus on actual tasks
  • Company Development –  increased productivity and quality
  • Better service to our community

For more information, call 041 363 5855or email: computrain@neweratraining.co.za or visit New Era Computer Training Centre online at www.neweratraining.co.za