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Eight injured in chaos at ANC Eastern Cape 8th elective conference

By Yolanda Palezweni - Oct 1, 2017
Eight injured in chaos at ANC Eastern Cape 8th elective conference

Eight delegates at the African National Congress' (ANC) Eastern Cape 8th elective conference were seriously injured after chaos and violence erupted during the conference in the early hours of Sunday morning at the East London International Convention Centre.

According to the ANC Provincial spokesperson, Mlibo Qhoboshiyane, there were disputes raised while credentials were presented by the delegates and branches demanding to answers as to why there were some branches inside the conference whereas they never held their Branch General Meetings (BGM).

He added that they were trying to explain the situation while some delegates argued that some ID’s were wrong.

“There was a call for the credentials to be adopted, and that time it was a challenge and delegates started singing and up until certain delegates started to move backwards and after two to three hours of consultation, the chairs started to fly," he described.

Qhoboshiyane added that delegates panicked and started running to the front and left the conference room, some sustained serious injuries.

However, the injured delegates were rushed to East London hospitals and no deaths were reported as the police continued to monitor the situation.

Despite the injuries and the violence that erupted, the conference continued with a number of delegates continuing to demand that issues including the violence be dealt with.

One of the delegates that left the conference said that the conference was adjourned because of the bogus delegates that were present at the conference.

“We raised the issue of bogus delegates and demanded the issue to be fixing and they instead forced us to adopt the credentials, we won’t go back to the conference until the issue is resolved," said.

She added that the conference is a serious matter and everything needs to be done accordingly, and that they refuse to adopt credentials while such important issues are not yet resolved.

However, the conference did continue and the nomination process continued.

ANC Chairperson, Phumulo Masaulle, together with Andile Lungisa, were nominated in their absence.

Lungisa was nominated for Provincial Secretary and Masaulle for Provincial Chairperson.

However, those who were not present for acceptance of nominations were called for them to accept the nominations or not.

The delegates continued with the conference, Provincial Secretary, Oscar Mabuyane presented the organisation report and the delegates were expected to vote after and results to be announced on Sunday morning. 

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