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More part-time candidates will write the 2017 Matric exams in the Eastern Cape

By Yolanda Palezweni - Dec 31, 2024
More part-time candidates will write the 2017 Matric exams in the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDOE) has confirmed that it is all systems go, as preparations for the Final National Senior Certificate or Grade 12 examination scheduled to be written from 23 October to 28 November 2017 are done.

According to ECDOE spokesperson, Malibongwe Mtima, a Provincial Examination Management Plan was developed in February 2017 and amended in May 2017.

He added that the province will strictly adhere to that plan, which was synchronized with the Department of Basic Education's National Assessment and Public Examinations (NAPE) management plan for 2017/18.

The key elements for the Grade 12 NSC Final examinations readiness are:

  • Learner registration,
  • Question Papers, printing, packaging and distribution,
  • Conduct of examinations,
  • Script marking,
  • School Based Assessment,
  • Learner support programmes, and
  • Release of results.

Mtima said that in 2017, there are 83 968 full time and 21 789 part-time candidates totalling 105 757 candidates registered for the Grade 12 NSC examinations.

In 2016, there were 94 928 full time candidates and 20 526 part-time candidates, which totalled 97 454 candidates.

He said that the figures above indicate a slight decrease in full time candidates, but an increase in the number of part-time candidates when comparing 2016 and 2017.

“The progressed learners are 10 822 in 2017 compared to 14 325 in 2016 which indicates an encouraging decrease in registered progressed learners in 2017,” said Mtima. 

He added that the full time and part-time candidates, will write their final examinations in 926 full time and 122 part-time registered examination centres across the province.

The total number of centres is 1 048 this year (2017) compared to 1 060 in 2016.

All registered candidates will be provided with 102 question papers for the 32 registered NCS subjects; 27 content subjects, 5 Official Languages (IsiXhosa, English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu and Sesotho) at Home Language, First Additional Language and Second Additional Language Level and four non-official Languages are offered in 2017 such as Arabic, Spanish, French and German.

“The verification of the registration of candidates has been done to ensure the accuracy of the data, in line with the previous year’s rigorous learner verification processes, the same intensified quality assurance processes for learner data verification were conducted,” said Mtima.

He said that the preliminary schedules of entries were sent to schools for correction more than once. The Integrated Examination Computer System (IECS) data was also compared with the manually collected data from schools.

“This process was done in order to ensure that the realignment process of districts from 23 to 12 and the placement of schools to new districts were done accurately. Shortcomings and challenges related to learner registration, new centre numbers and new districts were addressed by involving all examination district officials coming from the old 23 districts but belonging to the new streamlined 12 districts,” he added.

The schools and part time centres approved as registered as examination centres have been allocated new centre numbers. The new centre numbers have designed in a specific way that links the school to the district and to the cluster and to the province. 

According to Mtima, Grade 12 Final NSC Examinations will be written in 1 049 Centres.