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Review: The Haval H1 and H2 are remarkable

By Graeme Lund - Nov 17, 2017
Review: The Haval H1 and H2 are remarkable

As a child, I remember my great uncle saying he would never buy cheap Japanese cars because they were junk, but shortly thereafter, he wisely bought a Toyota and drove it for the next 13 years. 

I remember my father saying that he would never buy a Korean car because they were cheap junk, but now we’ve had one or two in our family.

I’m not going to make the same silly comments about Chinese cars, and especially not after having driven the new range of remarkable Havals

Remarkable for two reasons; firstly, like almost every other car driver out there, I had low expectations of the Haval. As a new brand, I expected it to be cheap in every way; poor finishes, gimmicky features, weird design and wobbly drivability.

The Haval H2

The fact is that Haval has produced a range of vehicles that offer excellent and easy to use features in a well-made, sturdy and very comfortable car.

Secondly, the Haval’s purchase price is about R100 000 less than any of their direct competitors.

To give you some examples of my experience, I found that connecting my cell phone to the infotainment centre in both the H1 and H2 was quicker and simpler than in any other car that I have driven.

The quietness and comfort of the interior is better than cars that are R150 000 more expensive and the features such as keyless starting, all round airbags and dual zone air conditioning in the H2 are not found in many similar sized and powered competitors.

The only thing stopping the Haval from outselling its class competitors is the brand loyalty that these competitors have acquired over many years and through very expensive marketing campaigns that have added significantly to the cost of these competitor’s vehicles.

I can very easily understand how Haval has become the number one SUV brand in China and, give it a year or two, and Haval’s sales figures will be near the top of the list of top selling vehicles in South Africa too.

If you’re in the market for a new car, my advice is to take a Haval for a test drive. To do so, visit their showroom at 770 Govan Mbeki Avenue, North End, Port Elizabeth or call them on 041 402 9000. Find them online at www.umhaval.co.za/pe-haval

Main image: The Haval H1