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18 liquor license applications from Metro

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014
18 liquor license applications from Metro

There have been 18 applications for liquor licenses for premises in Nelson Mandela Bay this month.

Applications published in the Provincial Gazette by the Eastern Cape Liquor Board show that five of the applications were for single special events, such as Heritage Day celebrations.

The others, for consumption on or off the premises or for both, were spread across the metro, with Newton Park being the only suburb for which two applications were submitted.

The second highest number of applications came from Buffalo City (13), most of which were for East London.

The small town of Matatiele saw the third highest of applications (8), while a number others in the east of the province saw four applications submitted.

The only municipalities in the western part of the province for which more than one application was submitted were Ndlambe and Kouga, both two. - metrominutes


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