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Maro Foundation improves the lives of 231 disadvantaged learners

By Afikile Lugunya - Feb 16, 2018
Maro Foundation improves the lives of 231 disadvantaged learners

A Port Elizabeth-based Non-profit Organisation founded by local activist, Pamela Maro Mabini, and called the Maro Foundation, on Thursday brought cheer to local learners as it embarked on a two-day handover of school shoes to needy children to make their journey of completing school easy and enjoyable.

Mabini told RNEWS she grew up in the dusty streets on Daku, Port Elizabeth, before she moved to Johannesburg.

She said that she decided to extend her hand by starting the foundation in 2017 after she saw two boys, who didn’t have proper school shoes.

“Sometime last year, I saw two young boys who were wearing school shoes that were not proper for school and asked them why. Their response was that they didn’t have shoes.

“I believe charity begins at home and for me to be busy assisting school kids in Johannesburg while where I come from I’m not doing anything felt not right and that is why I decided to come and give back to my community,” she said.

The Maro Foundation organised two events, which started for Thursday and Friday, in which they will donate shoes to kids at various schools in the Nelson Mandela Bay.

On Thursday, the foundation visited Tshume Primary School, which is situated in Kwazakhele. 131 pairs were donated to Mzomtsha Primary School learners and Tshume Primary School learners.

To make the event a success, Little Slipper, donated 63 pairs of shoes, whereas the rest of the shoes were donated by Maro's friends - Davids Horner, Nozipho Hlalukame, Thandiwe Batyi, Andile Somana, Chris and Jayde from Little Slipper.

The total pairs of shoes that will be donated over the two days is 231.

The highlight of the event was when Maro donated a full uniform to a Grade 9 learner, 17-year-old Anelisa Mongo from Qaphelani High School, who once called her to let her know about her living situation with her mother, who is not working.

Mongo said that studying had become difficult for her as she was often teased by other learners about not having a proper uniform.

“I am very grateful to Maro for buying me a new school uniform, I will fit in well with other learners and nobody will keep asking me why I don’t have a uniform,” she described.

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