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'I was offered Mayoral position if I could agree to kick out Trollip' Daniels

By Afikile Lugunya - Apr 11, 2018
'I was offered Mayoral position if I could agree to kick out Trollip' Daniels

Patriotic Alliance (PA) Councillor, Marlon Daniels, on Wednesday said that he was offered the position of Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor by opposition parties if he could agree to use the PA's then crucial vote to oust current Mayor, Athol Trollip, in a motion of no confidence brought by the parties.

Daniels, who was introduced on Wednesday as the new Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality MMC for Transport, told a press conference that was attended by PA leader, Gayton McKenzie, and his deputy, Leanne Williams, that accepting such an offer would have meant going against the wishes of the national leadership of his party.

After announcing its decision to defend Trollip, it was later announced that Daniels would be back in the Mayoral Committee as MMC for Transport. 

His last brief stint in the MayCo - as MMC for Health, did not end well after the PA withdrew from the DA-led coalition weeks after helping to remove the Deputy Executive Mayor, the United Democratic Movement's (UDM) Mongameli Bobani.

Addressing journalists, McKenzie said that they knew that there was going to be chaos ahead of Tuesday's Cuncil Meeting.

“We knew that they have not done their sums, although some of them have doctorates, but they counted incorrectly.

“They realised what we already knew that they will not proceed orderly, they will fight, hence when we did our deal with the DA we structured that part in,” McKenzie said.

He added that with the PA now on the side of the DA-led coalition, no one would be able remove Trollip.

“You don’t have to be a genius to work out that nobody can remove the executive mayor, Athol Trollip," he described.

“No one will remove him and no one is going to remove him. You can call us sell outs or call us anything but the fact of the matter remains, nobody is going to remove Trollip.”

McKenzie added that the time for fighting is over and the focus must be shifted to governing the Nelson Mandela Bay because the people need service delivery.

Daniels agreed saying that in any Municipality, there are two legs - which are the political leg and the service delivery leg.

“What has been happening in the Nelson Mandela Bay had nothing to do with service delivery, yet people vote for service delivery, it had everything to do with political interference, which we cannot have," he said.

“They [opposition parties] have the gun and they loaded it with six motions, but didn’t have the b*lls to pull the trigger because the numbers were not on their side."

Daniels said that it was shameful to have councillors, who behave like what the opposition did just to get attention.

He also apologised to residents on behalf of the councillors for wasting their time and money.

Daniels declared he would come up with a strategy to ensure that the name of the late former President, Nelson Mandela, whom the City is named after, is not brought to shame more than it has already been.

According to him, he was approached by opposition party members after the chaotic March 29 Special Council Meeting and they said: “Hey, you could have stopped Thursday’s chaos if you had agreed to side with us and remove Mayor Trollip.

“Yesterday, I was told again that there was going to be chaos in the chambers - not unless I agree to vote in favour of removing Trollip and I can take up the mayoral position."

However, Daniels said that he refused to accept that offer because “it would be the end of me, to go ahead and neglect party decisions".

"There has never been a decision made by me in isolation of the leaders of the Patriotic Alliance."