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Review: Haval H2 Automatic

By Graeme Lund - Apr 18, 2018
Review: Haval H2 Automatic

The Haval brand continues to receive an astonishing amount of accolades from the press - including myself, drivers and owners. Well, here’s another.

I rate the Haval H2 as being one of the top two small SUV’s in the country. There is no doubt that it is the best value for money SUV as it is between R50 000 and R100 000 less than any of its realistic competitors.

Yesterday, I drove the H2 Automatic and, at the end of the day, I was very reluctant to return the car to the Haval dealership.

Despite only having the use of the vehicle for a short period of time I connected my cell phone, in 5 seconds, to the infotainment centre and spent as much time as possible on the road.

The auto version of the Haval H2 has exactly the same amazing features as the manual with the sole exception of the automatic gearbox. I can report that the gearbox was as impressive as the rest of the H2.

I have long been a fan of the manual gearbox. I liked the idea of racing through the gears. However, I had a small epiphany the other day. Cup holders, all things being constant, should equal auto transmission.

More simply put, if you are going to make use of your cup holders then you need at least one hand free.

Manual vehicles require two hands while driving about town and if I think of the number of times I have spilt coffee on my crotch, tomato sauce on my shirt and left the gear shift sticky with egg yolk then the extra R30K for the auto version of the H2 becomes well worth the spend.