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TNPA Showcases Port Opportunities at Mossel Bay SMME Expo

May 16, 2018
TNPA Showcases Port Opportunities at Mossel Bay SMME Expo

Transnet National Ports Authority’s Port of Mossel Bay proudly participated in the Mossel Bay Municipality’s annual SMME Expo on Friday, held under the theme 'SMALL Business is BIG Business'.

Port Manager, Shadrack Tshikalange, said the Mossel Bay SMME Expo – which is held to foster the development of small and medium-sized enterprises – was a perfect platform for Transnet to showcase its vision of being a meaningful contributor towards empowering previously disadvantaged individuals, sustainably developing local industry and improving skills to support localisation and industrialisation objectives.

“We want to transform our supplier base by engaging in targeted initiatives that allow us explore procurement opportunities that particularly emphasise the youth, Black women, small businesses, people with disabilities and rural entities, while striving to enhance the capability, capacity and efficiency of local suppliers,” he said.

Mossel Bay’s main economic activities are agriculture (aloes, cattle, dairy, ostriches, sheep, timber, vegetables and wine), fishing, light industry, petrochemicals and tourism.

Upcoming SMME business opportunities at the Port of Mossel Bay include a plumbing contract which will be up for tender at the end of August 2018 and a gardening services contract and cleaning services contract which will each be up for renewal at the end of October 2018.

The tender for extension of the Port Admin Building will be advertised by the end of May 2018 with 20% of the contract value set aside for supplier development focusing on capability and capacity building (localisation), job creation, small business promotion and rural integration.

Repairs and maintenance will be required at the port’s slipway. Water and electricity meter efficiency will need to be investigated. Quay 4 in the port will require structural integrity investigations and maintenance of the storm water channel. Other projects include general repairs and maintenance to buildings and infrastructure, as well as the supply of components and spares, petrochemical products, paint, small tools and equipment, safety equipment and accessories. There are also specialised business opportunities such as hull cleaning and removal of derelict vessels.

Tshikalange said TNPA at the Port of Mossel Bay participated in the expo to highlight its services, as well as unpack its procurement processes and the various opportunities available for SMMEs to conduct business with TNPA.

“We will certainly be looking for more opportunities to explore the important role that can be played by SMMEs in our port and will endeavour to provide tools and resources that better enable these businesses to understand and comply with Transnet’s procurement mechanisms,” said Tshikalange.

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