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Motor industry opens doors to black-owned manufacturers

May 16, 2018
Motor industry opens doors to black-owned manufacturers

Black-owned manufacturing companies in the Eastern Cape are being given the opportunity to meet potential customers in the automotive component supply sector at the first ECAIF Black Manufacturers Day brought to you by Shatterprufe.

Hosted under the auspices of the Eastern Cape Automotive Industry Forum (ECAIF), the exhibition space is open to black owned manufacturers already supplying automotive companies, and those wanting to expand into the sector.

This will be the first manufacturers’ day in South Africa to be hosted by automotive component suppliers 

“It is far easier for companies to get into the motor industry through the component suppliers than trying to supply directly to the OEMs. By organising the day, we are fast-tracking the entry of black-owned manufacturers into the motor industry,” says Dave Coffey, managing director of Shatterprufe and ECAIF chairperson.

ECAIF developed South Africa’s first database of black-owned manufacturers, and the manufacturers’ day is the next step in the process of facilitating transformation in the sector, he says.

“The objective is to have manufacturers and their potential customers in the same room for a few hours in order to meet each other and hopefully start talking business.

“We don’t expect all the exhibitors to be able to supply immediately. Most of the more than 60 ECAIF members in the province support the ECAIF black manufacturer development initiative or have programmes of their own in place already.

“There is a shortage of black-owned manufacturing companies in South Africa. We are therefore also looking for manufacturing companies with the potential to supply the automotive industry in the short or even medium term.

“We will work with these potential suppliers to enable them to manufacture at the required quality and cost standards” says Coffey.

The ECAIF Black Manufacturers Day will include a series of presentations on the practicalities of developing black-owned manufacturing companies to supply the motor industry.

Entry for both exhibitors and delegates will be free.

It will be held on June 1, 2018 at Elizabeth Place, Newton Park in Port Elizabeth from 10:00 to 15:00.