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2 for 1 and all for the love of penguins

Jan 28, 2015
2 for 1 and all for the love of penguins

Penguins mate for life and are a universal symbol of true and lasting love. Show your love this Valentine’s month by adopting a pair of African penguins being cared for by SANCCOB Eastern Cape based in Cape St Francis.  For only R500, you can say ‘I love you’ to that someone special and help SANCCOB continue to save African penguins from extinction.

Sadly, despite their ability to remain happily married, these truly iconic birds are endangered and not even 2% of the population remains living free in the wild today.

As part of the adoption process you get to name your penguins and receive a special adoption pack including a picture, certificate and a thank you letter. To get your Valentine’s pair winging its way to you, visit the SANCCOB website (www.sanccob.co.za) and choose ‘Adopt from Cape St Francis’ or contact Louanne Mostert at [email protected]  You can choose our new ‘green adoption option’ and have it delivered right to your email box or choose delivery via the post office (delivery is 7 workings days within South Africa and 14 workings days internationally). Hurry as this special promotion is only valid until 28 February 2015.

SANCCOB is a leading marine-orientated non-profit organization which has treated more than 95 000 oiled, ill, injured or abandoned African penguins and other threatened seabirds since being established in 1968 and is active along the Southern African coast, in the Sub Antarctic, and in other countries where seabirds are at risk.

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