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2 Tips for a Minimalistic Office Space by selecting the Right Office

Nov 28, 2018
2 Tips for a Minimalistic Office Space by selecting the Right Office

They say clutter and productivity don’t go together and studies show there is much truth to this. Having a cluttered workspace can take time out of your day. Imagine arriving to a busy and full workspace.

Your first instinct is to look at it – that’s 2 minutes. Your next inclination would be to complain about the mountain of paperwork, the clutter, the dirty coffee cups and scrap paper. That’s about 5 minutes. Next thing you know its 12 o’ clock and you are halfway through the workday.

This is where minimalistic office space and minimalistic office furniture will come in handy. Creating an efficient space will make you more productive, organised and ready to tackle the day.

Furthermore having the right office furniture can make or break a minimalist workspace. If you have a big desk with many draws and nooks, you tend to want to fill those spaces up with clutter and things you do not need to fulfil your daily tasks.

This is counterproductive therefore being minimalistic is both about your habits as well as having the correct environment and office furniture to achieve a minimalistic office space and productive habits.

2 Tips for a Minimalistic Office Space by selecting the Right Office

Here are two ways to transform your workspace into a more minimalistic office space with the right office furniture as well as the proper habits to get you started on the journey.

1. De-clutter, de-clutter and de-clutter

Firstly, to move on to any other step in the minimalism process. You need to remove and get rid of anything you do not need to do your job. The best way to do this is as far as possible to go paperless. This means making everything digital.

Yes, if you need to have things in black and white on paper- limit yourself to a set of files in a minimalistic colour like black or white, or select an accent colour. Choosing too many colours can make your desk look busy too, so stick to a limited colour palette and limited items.

2. Colour and Texture

Now that you have minimised the number of things on your desk, it’s time to select the right texture of office furniture. Picking the right colour is vital to productivity and your mood.

Whites and green accents have proved to make people more productive. The bright reflective nature of white keeps one awake and more alert, whereas green leaves you feeling calm and gives you a connection to the outside natural world.

Therefore, using sleek surfaces, for example, a laminated plastic desk in white will make it easier for you to keep your space clean. If it is a small desk, having it in white will make it feel a lot larger.

If you want to go for wooden textures for your desks, then take this opportunity to use white accents by selecting white chairs and storage cabinets. This will bring that earthy feel which motivates productivity and as well as the clean, minimalistic feel with the white chairs.

Still unsure, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our professional consultants who will eagerly assist you in your quest for a productive minimalist workspace.

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