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2015 KPMG business relay

By Supplied - Oct 19, 2015
2015 KPMG business relay

Solid commitment from its sponsors and the support of the Durban business community for the past 30 years is the legacy that will be upheld when the 2015 KPMG Business Relay hits the streets of Durban this November.

Event organiser, Wayne Riddin, says that the relay is the longest standing event of its kind in the country. "The KPMG Business Relay is completely unique and has evolved and sustained through three decades of the city’s growth", he says.

The 5km route has changed to include and maximise new infrastructural development such as the upgraded beachfront promenade, Blue Lagoon, and most recently the positive changes brought about by new routes leading past Moses Mahbida towards the finish at Growthpoint Kingspark stadium grounds.

"The significant contribution of the business relay to the city and it's stakeholder community, and the unwavering support of KPMG over the years, should not be underestimated," adds Ridden. KPMG will partner again this year with beverage sponsors, Cooee, The Sharks and The Mercury while providing an awareness and fund raising platform for non-profit public benefit organization, the MRP Foundation.

The 2015 KPMG Business Relay marks the start of a 3 to 5 year plan to build the entity in terms of corporate social investment and participation by a wider sector of the Durban community including high schools, development running teams and corporate running clubs.

The latter category fits into a wider global focus by KPMG through their #kpmgfit4business initiative, which is currently being launched.

The naming rights sponsors will also be bringing down five young athletes in support of the Athletics Academy at Vorentoe High School in Johannesburg. This is part of KPMG's extensive and broad funding of the academy which has grown to 30 athletes - mostly from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds - since it's inception in 2000.

The academy has produced some of the countries top athletes including 2013 winner of the SA Sports Woman of the year award, the current SA record holder for the 3000m steeple chase, and as many as 18 athletes for the Gauteng schools team over the past two years.

Notwithstanding these overreaching objectives, the event remains at heart a fun and affordable way for staff right across a company to enjoy a team building afternoon. Each running team of 5 and walking or wheelchair team of 3, covers an easy flat route of 5km’s. The camaraderie and encouragement en route spills over into the festive marquee village where many companies enjoy year end parties.

To book a site or enter teams, business may visit http://www.kpmg.co.za> to enter on line or collect an entry form from Mr Price Sport Stores in the region or call: (032) 341-0790 or email  [email protected] for more information or an emailed electronic entry form.