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2016 - The internet in review

Jan 13, 2017
2016 - The internet in review

The country is in the midst of a very interesting bandwidth era where connectivity entrenches itself firmly as the third utility alongside power and water. And 2016 was most certainly an exciting year for the South African internet landscape.

Zinia, a full business Internet Service Provider (ISP) and wholesaler focused on delivering the best networks from a single supplier – a positioning which has resonated with the market and fueled the company’s growth, looked back at connectivity’s biggest moments last year.

In February, the government set to increase funding for SA Connect national broadband by R500 million, by April the City of Cape Town gave the go-ahead for the installation of fibre optic cables in municipal storm water pipes and sewers, and a month later LTE was named the fastest growing mobile communications system.

June saw the Protection of Personal Information (PoP) Act signed into law, while more good news came a month later when it was proposed that the following 18 months would see significant price drops in South African fibre services.

In September, Samsung users had to hand in their Galaxy Note 7s after a number of them overheated and burst into flames, causing a worldwide recall. By November internet activists were up in arms about the fact that half the world’s population were offline due to exorbitant data prices, sparking the #Datamustfall movement.

And while prices of business internet are lowering, fueled by the fibre “landgrab” as well as large network interest in the SME space, the sad reality is that the demand for data far exceeds the supply we have in the country, making data still expensive compared to other continents. The reason data remains more expensive in this country is also due to the distance of the undersea cables from Africa to the 1st world.

In 2017 we are going to enter a very exciting stage for bandwidth as competition heats up, price wars will continue to be fueled by initiatives such as #Datamustfall and the Government’s bandwidth “war room” agenda, the increased growth of Fibre availability and the technology race of LTE-A or 5G, as all networks prepare to launch these technologies.

Considering all of this, Zinia has one mission: to simplify business by taking the complexity out of finding, implementing and ensuring the best, fast internet and voice.

Zinia compares and qualifies all the best networks to find the most workable offering for businesses, then makes sure they receive it with their unique customer-service model and technologies.

Zinia’s strength lies in controlling services from end to end and it is this strategy that sets the company apart. With all the best telecom networks under one roof, dedicated resources and smart technology, Zinia is known for providing exceptional service unheard of in the Telecoms space. With a team of 50 employees, a strong executive team who have 65 years combined industry experience and a well-oiled business engine, Zinia is on track for even further growth.

A few of Zinia’s clients include; Kulula.com, Zomato, Allied Steel,Bidoffice, Caxton Newspapers, Petrotank and Slow in the City.

For more information, visit www.zinia.co.za