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2018/19 IDP and BUDGET Public Participation Sessions continues

Apr 12, 2018
2018/19 IDP and BUDGET Public Participation Sessions continues

Good intergovernmental relations are critical to the acceleration of service delivery. That was the clear message that gained popularity at the IDP Representatives Forum meeting held at the Woolboard Exchange Council Chamber in Military Road on Thursday.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, aided by the IDP Office, hosted a Representatives Forum Meeting to deal with stakeholders that are not part of the Municipality but are directly or indirectly affected by the actions and decisions of the Municipality.
The meeting, chaired by the Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Cllr Athol Trollip, comprised local Councillors and representatives from SAPS, private business, local NGOs, entities and Provincial and National Government departments, sush as Public Works, SAPS, Social Development, the Premier's Office, Education and Health.
The Representatives Forum Meeting is part of the IDP and Budget Public Participation Programme that is currently underway and offers a platform for the Municipality to get input from and interact with other government departments and entities.
In the meeting, representatives from different stakeholders presented their inputs on issues like unused school buildings, the visibility of SAPS, job creation and the coordination of all government work. 
“It is essential as the Municipality that we put the needs of our residents first and these IDP meetings ensure that the needs of the people are known and are adhered to. As politicians it is crucial to always keep in mind that we are here in these meetings as public representatives to present the needs of the people - not the other way around,” said Executive Mayor Athol Trollip.

"The success of this meeting is determined by whether all our discussions translate into a change for the better in people's lives. Good intergovernmental relations then become critical." 
The Mayor emphasised that in order to ensure a Well run City, a Safe City and an Inclusive City, the  IDP meetings as part of legislation need to be respected in order for residents to be able to prioritise their needs and be given the respect that they deserve.