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2019 Matric results: St Andrew’s College achieves a 100% pass rate

Jan 7, 2020
2019 Matric results: St Andrew’s College achieves a 100% pass rate

Makhanda - 11 818 candidates wrote the National Senior Certificate through the IEB this year with a 98,82% pass rate nationally, and 89,51% of the candidates achieving a BD pass that qualifies them to apply to study for degree courses at University.

The 2019 St Andrew’s College Matrics achieved a 100% pass rate, with 94% of the boys achieving a BD pass.

"We warmly congratulate Alexander Pezarro, from Gaborone, Botswana, on achieving 6 distinctions this year (5 IEB distinctions and 1 Cambridge A Level distinction). He achieved 97% for IEB Mathematics and 92% for Cambridge A Level Mathematics. Alexander has consistently been an inspirational academic and intellectual throughout his St Andrew’s College career, and we know that he is going to have an extraordinary university career which we will proudly follow," said Alan Thompson, Headmaster, St Andrew’s College. 

Dylan Bowker (Middleburg), Christopher Poole (Port Elizabeth), James York (Makhanda) and Sebastian McIntosh (Cape Town) all achieved five distinctions for which they are to be congratulated, as well as Merrion Gess, Daniel Roodt (both from Bathurst), Ignus Potgieter, Ryan Ford, Peter Voges (all three from Makhanda), Craig Macpherson (Malawi), and Daniel Stijkel (Harare, Zimbabwe) all achieved four distinctions.

Dylan Bowker and Alexander Pezarro are to be additionally congratulated for the exceptional achievement of being placed in the top 1% nationally in Geography and Mathematics, respectively.

6 Subject “A”s

Alexander Pezarro

Accounting, Information Technology, Life Orientation,

Mathematics, Physical Science, Cambridge A Level Mathematics

5 Subject “A”s

Dylan Bowker

Accounting, English Home Language, Geography, Life

Orientation, Mathematics

Christopher Poole

English Home Language, Geography, History, Life Orientation,


James York

Accounting, Afrikaans First Additional Language, English Home

Language, History, Life Orientation

Sebastian McIntosh

English Home Language, Geography, History, Life Orientation,


4 Subject “A”s

Merrion Gess

History, Life Orientation, Mathematical Literacy, Visual Arts

Ignus Potgieter

Accounting, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Physical Science

Craig Macpherson

Accounting, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences

Ryan Ford

Accounting, Geography, Life Orientation, Mathematics

Peter Voges

Accounting, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Mathematics

Daniel Roodt

Dramatic Arts, English Home Language, History, Life Orientation

Daniel Stijkel

Accounting, Geography, Life Orientation, Mathematics


"We would also like to acknowledge those boys who have achieved some of the best results of their school careers. The following boys improved on their Grade 11 Promotion Mark aggregate by more than five percent: Mathew Conroy, Zion Makani, Zandi Gaga, James Ovendale, Freddy Turner, Stewart Smith, Chiko Mundashi, Benjamin Aliker, Andrew Clucas, Merrion Gess," added Thompson.

He said that to achieve results in the “90s” shows exceptional commitment, determination and single-mindedness. So, he also recognised the following boys, who achieved A+ results:

Accounting: Alexander Pezarro

Geography: Dylan Bowker

History: Christopher Poole

isiXhosa FAL: Asiphile Betela, Sophakama Ntshingana

Mathematics: Alexander Pezarro, Craig Macpherson, Ignus Potgieter

Visual Arts: Merrion Gess.

"We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the staff of St Andrew’s College and Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) who played such an integral part in the education of the St Andrew’s College Matrics over the past five years, as well as their classmates from DSG," Thompson said.

"We extend heartfelt congratulations to Saffron Gifford, Emily Morgan, Nina Owen-Jones, Genevieve Powell and Sarah Stevenson from DSG, on all achieving 7 distinctions."

Thompson furher said that the Class of 2019 have made a massive contribution to St Andrew’s College in their time there and their final matric results mark a very successful end to what was a really positive year for them.

"These results reflect the enormous amount of hard work put in by boys and staff alike and, hidden away behind the headlines are some remarkable stories of determination in the face of adversity - creating success through never giving up – the very epitome of our motto Nec Aspera Terrent," he described.  

"I am excited by the positive progress that we are making in terms of our Academic Excellence strategy and I know that our boys will carry these achievements into a complex world in the next phase of their journey well prepared to become productive and successful young men, wherever in the world they find themselves. I wish them God’s richest blessings!"

Main image: Top of the Class - Alexander Pezarro, from Gaborone, Botswana, on achieving 6 distinctions this year (5 IEB distinctions and 1 Cambridge A Level distinction). 

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