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MBDA gets green-light to proceed with demolition of Telkom Park Stadium

Jun 5, 2018
MBDA gets green-light to proceed with demolition of Telkom Park Stadium

After many months of a protracted process to obtaining the permit or what is known in the sector as a demolition certificate, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal Agency (MBDA) can now proceed with the demolition of the old Telkom Park Stadium, clearing the way for the City to leverage this prime piece of land.

Previously called the Boet Erasmus Stadium, the facility is situated on the corner of La Roche Drive and Strandfontein Road in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.

Apart from the open stands located on the northern side which are to be retained and repaired, the remaining structures are to be demolished, followed by the re-vegetation of the cleared site.

The Telkom Park Stadium facility was decommissioned in 2010 following the opening of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. The stadium has been unused since this time and has been vandalised, falling into a state of disrepair.

According to the authorities, the current state of the stadium is a public hazard as most of the structures on the site are unsafe and present unsecured access. A few of the structures, including the main stadium are currently occupied by “squatters”. Due to the unsavoury elements occupying the structures, crime in the area has become a problem over time. Eliminating the structures, it is believed, will go a long way to easing the crime wave in Summerstrand/Humewood area.

Complex process

"The process to demolish a structure of this size is fairly complex and drawn out due to the number of role player approvals involved, each with a set of criteria to be met," describes MBDA Spokesperson, Luvuyo Bangazi.

He said that one such role player was the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs, whose approval is necessary to safeguard sensitive environmental considerations, such as the protection of the flood line.

“A mandatory twenty-day period for possible public objections to the demolition was also required before the demolition process could be initiated,” explains Dorelle Sapere, Planning and Development Manager heading up the project.

MBDA Chief Executive Officer Ashraf Adam adds; “The demolition is just one step of the process to freeing up this prime real estate for catalytic and transformative developments.

"The MBDA believes that real socio economic transformation can be achieved through innovative spatial planning that is not constrained by outdated planning patterns of the past. So rezoning is one of the key deliverables we’re going to concentrate on as we prepare the site for future inclusive and multi-use developments.”

With the conclusion of the approvals process, the demolition of old Boet Erasmus Stadium, better known as Telkom Park, is scheduled to commence this week with construction site establishment and the work is expected to take approximately three months to complete.

Demolition is proposed to be undertaken through a combination of blasting and mechanical demolition processes, followed by the crushing of concrete wastes to a graded material, making use of a mobile crusher, and the storage of such crushed material in a stockpile area established on the old B-Field.

A portion of the concrete waste will be disposed of at a licensed landfill site, where it can be utilised as cover material. Scrap metal and the old light masts will be sold to a scrap merchant.

The proposed activity is motivated by the planned development of the Happy Valley Precinct, which is deemed by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality to be of strategic importance with respect to future development of the Port Elizabeth beachfront, open space areas and tourism facilities.