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George Municipality holds discussions with striking taxi industry

Aug 15, 2018
George Municipality holds discussions with striking taxi industry

Following a call to strike by the George taxi industry on Monday afternoon, a full two days of intense negotiations have been held around several matters relating to public transport services and the taxi industry in George.

"The cordial discussions dealt with historical matters that have been ongoing for a number of years and due to the complexity of certain of the matters no immediate agreements could be reached," said Chantel Edwards-Klose, George Municipality spokesperson.

"To this end, a decision has been taken to establish a joint committee consisting of members of the George Municipal Council and the Taxi Industry within the next seven days to deal with those outstanding matters.

"The Provincial and National Governments will be approached to assist with solutions to those issues which fall within their mandate."

Edwards-Klose said that the Municipal Manager, Trevor Botha, confirmed that the Chairperson of the Section 79 GIPTN Committee, Alderman  Basil Petrus had noted that such a committee should have been established a long time ago as the longstanding issues would have been able to be addressed sooner.

"The stakeholders present in the discussions have requested the taxi industry to urgently review the present status  of the taxi services to ensure a full resumption of all public transport services within George as soon as possible.  It is hoped  in the future that such discussions will be regarded as the preferred method for the resolution of disagreements as conflict regrettably remains counter-productive to progress in the City of George.”

Ald Petrus, Chairperson for the Section 79 GIPTN Committee thanked the taxi industry representatives and other stakeholders, law enforcement agencies as well as the members of the Section 79 Committee for their co-operation during the discussions. 

He also thanked the public of George and commuters  for their patience and understanding.