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Nelson Mandela Bay Yacht Club restaurant to open on 1 September

By Graeme Lund - Aug 20, 2018
Nelson Mandela Bay Yacht Club restaurant to open on 1 September

Many of the happy patrons of the Chartroom Restaurant, located at the old Algoa Bay Yacht Club, will be pleased to know that a new restaurant will be opening on the same location on 1 September.

Ruben Rosales, the General Manager of the soon-to-be opened Nelson Mandela Bay Yacht Club, says, “We have made a number of upgrades to the facilities but have kept the essence of the old club intact. Patrons will still be able to relax on the deck, at the magnificent bar or in the enclosed restaurant, all with the same great view.”

Some of the improvements are obvious and others more subtle but no less beneficial to the patrons. The downstairs, out-door area has been neatened, repaved and will be able to accommodate a number tables.

Parts of this area have been covered with artificial grass, a stainless steel railing installed on the water’s edge and the indigenous garden has been tidied.

A waiting station will be located in this area too. Parents who want to be seated in this area while their kids run around the play area will be pleased with this addition.

The entire building has been repainted and new tables and chairs acquired. The restaurant now has air-conditioning. This is a big plus as the old patrons will remember that in mid-summer the restaurant could become rather warm and in winter decidedly cold.

One can now expect refreshingly cool summer and warm winter dining.

The great pub layout has not been changed but has been revamped. New carpeting and lighting has been installed and the room will still have an array of TV’s for the sport enthusiasts.

“We have employed a highly experienced head chef with plenty of seafood, sushi and tapenyaki experience,” says Ruben.

The menu will be dominated by seafood but will also include tapas, sushi as well as a red meat section.

The kitchen has been totally revamped with a full set of new equipment.

It would seem that all the best aspects of the old club have been kept intact and the worst of the old club improved or changed.

See you there on 1 September.