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Review: The Haval H9 is another competition killer!

By Graeme Lund - Sep 5, 2018
Review: The Haval H9 is another competition killer!

Who would own a Haval H9?

When I collected the Haval H9 from the dealership in Govan Mbeki Avenue, Port Elizabeth, I asked Frikkie Venter, Dealer Principal of Haval and GWM PE, who were the vehicle's competitors.

He replied that when it will be launched in SA in a weeks’ time it would probably be marketed in the same space as the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the Ford Everest and Isuzu MUX.

However, once in the vehicle and on the road I realised that the H9 would be a very serious competitor for the Pajero itself and for the Toyota Prado.

The H9 is massively spacious and contains far more features that the normal SUV.  It is incredibly comfortable and purveys a sense of authority on the road thanks to its size and height.

In fact, if your normal position is at the head of the Board Room table, then you would feel very comfortable in the Haval H9.

Why buy a Haval H9?

Being the most senior person in your company you probably have an equal mix of careful judgement and confident risk taking.  It’s why you have made many successful decisions that resulted in your prominent position in your company.

You probably saw opportunities where others didn’t and, despite many people saying, “Don’t take the risk”, you probably made a great success of your decision.

Well, Mr Director, if you review the statistics, analyse the reports and sample the product you will come to the same conclusion that I did – the Haval H9 is an incredible vehicle.

After your thorough research and experimentation, there are probably three perceptive questions that you have.  Does Haval have good resale value?  Are spares readily available? Have Haval’s had any warranty issues.

Here are the answers.  Frikkie says that they are a new brand and have sold about 250 Havals in Port Elizabeth in the year of being open.  So far they have had two trade-ins. Both for an upgrade.  They sold both these trade-ins at a marginally lower rate than a new car. 

Haval Port Elizabeth and East London are owned by the Unitrans Group.  They are no slouch in the motor industry and have a reputation for excellent management.  An expansive spare’s depot for Haval exists in Johannesburg.

I asked Frikkie is they have had any Haval’s that have had warranty claims. “Yes, but I can count them on one hand”, was his reply.  This is about average for premium car makers.

You will of course, have noticed, that the Haval, despite matching its competitors spec for spec, is about 25% less expensive.  In fact the launch price of the H9 will be less than the SUV’s mentioned above and significantly less than the premium SUV’s in its size and spec range.

Indeed, buying a Haval H9, makes good business sense.

To test drive an Haval H9 contact Frikkie Venter at Haval in Govan Mbeki Avenue, Port Elizabeth, on 041 402 9000 or visit them online HERE.