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Award-winning Bliss Hair Salon announces new shareholder

Dec 6, 2018
Award-winning Bliss Hair Salon announces new shareholder

Plush Walmer hair salon, Bliss Hair, has added another string to its bow. This comes in the form of a third shareholder, local entrepreneur Neil Barker, the founder and director of Oracle Media.      

“Speaking after the announcement on Wednesday to Bliss staff, and before celebratory drinks, co-owner Sarah Will said, “We are very excited and delighted at bringing Neil into the business.

"Neil’s marketing expertise, enthusiasm and love for community is a massive asset to the business.”

Will invested in Bliss after emigrating to South Africa eight years ago. “We’re like a family here at Bliss and I love living in Port Elizabeth,” she said.

Fellow shareholder and creative director, Lee Jansen - Stoltz is regarded as one of the best stylists in Port Elizabeth.

Celebrating Barker’s shareholding, Jansen - Stoltz said, “The three of us make a dynamic team.”

The salon currently employs 26 staff including six apprentices.

“We are passionate about training the next generation who are entering the industry, and I love training them!” said Jansen - Stoltz. A third-generation hairdresser, he was born for this.

“Our apprentices even have their own clients,” he adds, with noticeable pride in his proteges.

Bliss Hair Salon has made a name for itself

Speaking about the salon’s popularity Will said, “We have a range of stylists and a multitude of characters. One of our stylists, Orette Moodaley reached the top ten in the finals of the L’Oreal Çolour Awards, winning a Colour Trophy.”

The judges were legendary hair artists and international icons Bertram K, Matthew Collins and Sophia Hilton.

Will, known as ‘Mama Bear’ to her team because she mothers everybody, said, “Bliss is made of love. We care about our clients. We’ve made many friends in the process and are blessed in having clients who visit the salon regularly, some several times a week.”

Regulars vouch for the experience of feeling totally pampered from the moment they step inside the salon. The Indian head massage at the water basin in the Whisper Room is so pleasurable that relaxation seeps into every pore of your being.

This combined with the scent of aromatic oils, flickering candles and soothing music is an addictive combination.              

Talking to Bliss staff at a celebratory announcement this week, Barker said, “I am equally excited at joining Bliss as a shareholder. Sarah and Lee are friends as well as business partners. I’ve known them for several years and respect what they’ve achieved with the business.”

“We are in tune with the community and support several charities each year,” said Will, who is best described as a people person. Her warmth; combined with Jansen - Stoltz’s expertise as a stylist and Barker’s entrepreneurial thinking are a blissful combination.

Image: SHARING NEW BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP: Lee Jansen - Stoltz, Sarah Will and Neil Barker celebrate Barker’s investment as shareholder in Bliss Hair.   

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