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Minister Cele in Engcobo to commemorate Ngcobo police station attack

Feb 21, 2019
Minister Cele in Engcobo to commemorate Ngcobo police station attack

Police Minister, Bheki Cele, is currently in Engcobo for the one year commemoration of the attack on the Ngcobo Police Station, in Engcobo, between Umtata and Queenstown, which left five police officers and an off-duty soldier dead.

Cele is expected to address the local community, visit Mancoba Church home and Engcobo police station.

The victims of the attack were given heroe's funerals.

Days later, police arrested members of the Mancoba 7 Angels Church for the attack.

Members of this church allegedly planned and excuted the deadly attack on the Ngcobo police station in February.

Seven of their members were shot dead in a gun battle as police stormed the church.

Five suspects remain in custody in an ongoing trial.

Police also launched an operation to erasing graffiti writings on the mountain above the Mancoba 7 Angels Church.

Meeting with the families of the deceased policemen and a delegation from the Abathembu King, Cele said; "Today is the exact day since the last time we were attacked.

"We found it befitting to come here and listen to you, look at the progress at the station and what has been promised by police is delivered." 

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