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How latest motion of no confidence against Bobani will likely play out

Feb 27, 2019
How latest motion of no confidence against Bobani will likely play out

Judging from previous meetings, drama is expected in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Council Meeting on Thursday where the Patriotic Alliance (PA) in Nelson Mandela Bay is expected to bring a motion of exigency to oust Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani.

The PA, through its sole Councillor in the Bay, Marlon Daniels, submitted its motion on Tuesday, which was supported by the African Christian Democratic Party’s (ACDP) Lance Grootboom.

Bobani stands accused of doing “very little to nothing” to improve the lives of the poor in Nelson Mandela Bay. The PA says he should also take the blame for the spike in hit murders and wasteful expenditure in the City.

Last week, the Democratic Alliance (DA) accused Bobani's African National Congress (ANC) dominated administration of misusing millions of Rands of taxpayers' monies on meals and flights.

The DA's attempt at ousting Bobani last year failed.

Marlon Daniels and Mongameli Bobani relationship has been filled with drama

Daniels and Bobani have always had an on-and-off relationship during their time in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Council. It was Daniels, who in August 2017 tabled a motion of no confidence against Bobani, leading to Bobani's ouster as the Metro's Deputy Mayor.

The PA was later admitted into the then DA-led coalition, which they then left claiming that they had been promised the Deputy Mayor's post, which failed to materialise.

Later that year, Daniels and Bobani announced that they had decided to let bygones be bygones in a bid to oust then Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip.

In August 2018, the PA joined other parties in another attempt the ouster of the then DA-led coalition.

It dumped the opposition parties at the last minute after failing to resolve differences with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Daniels was later ousted from his Portfolio position when the DA-led coalition was kicked out of office during the dramatic events of the 27th of August.

His party also announced that it had decided to no longer support the DA’s legal challenge to Bobani’s new administration saying he deserved a chance to show that black people can govern.

How the motion of no confidence against Bobani is likely to play out

On paper, Bobani is in a strong position to retain his position unless some parties in the current ANC-led coalition that is governing the Bay, decide to jump ship. In the 120-seat Council, the ANC has 50 seats, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) -  Bobani's party, has two, the EFF, which is part of the coalition has six. Other smaller parties have one seat each.

It is not yet clear if the DA, which previously enjoyed a majority 57 seats at Council, will vote with the PA. It recenetly only managed to rid itself of its two rogue Councillors and hopes by-elections can be held soon so that it can reclaim their two Wards.

A by-election is also scheduled next week for Ward 2, which it previously held. Thus, it can only confidently add 54 votes if it were to help the motion while the PA has one seat and the ACDP another seat. 

Former DA coalition partner, Congress of the People (COPE) might also bring in their one seat to aid the motion. However, the numbers do not favour the PA motion.

One paper, Bobani could survive the motion brought by the PA - unless a party like the EFF and the other smaller parties jump ship.

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