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Load shedding - Nelson Mandela University forced to use R55 000 in diesel daily

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 21, 2019
Load shedding - Nelson Mandela University forced to use R55 000 in diesel daily

Port Elizabeth – As Eskom load shedding continues, the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth revealed that it has used R55 000 worth of diesel every day to keep the lights on across its seven campuses due to the current load shedding.

The Nelson Mandela University Estates and Facilities Management released a statement on their Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon where they explained how much of an inconvenience Eskom has caused for the institution.

Although they did not anticipate the escalation of load shedding from the current Stage 4 status, and for such a prolonged period, the University said that it has done what it can to keep the lights on during lectures by using generators.

However, the increased demand for the use of generators has ate deep into its pockets.

“The University has seen a marked increase in the use of its generators as a means to mitigate the potentially crippling effects of load shedding on the University’s daily operations,” the NMU said.

How many generators the Nelson Mandela University has?

The Nelson Mandela University reported that there are currently a total of 21 generators across its seven campuses, which can power up nearly 50% of the institution’s infrastructure.

“About 14 000L of diesel are bought and stored on campus for use when necessary, with the generators refuelled using a 1000L bowser tank.

“Prior to the implementation of load shedding, the fuel was only used to run the generators for maintenance purposes weekly.

“This meant that about 100L of diesel were used and the remainder reserved for emergencies,” it decribed.

R55 000 worth of diesel is used daily by Nelson Mandela University

“Since the implementation of Stage 4 load shedding, which has seen the University without Eskom power for up to 13 hours daily, about 4 000L – or R55 000 worth, of diesel is used daily.

“The University is thus, experiencing some challenges with the provision of generator power as diesel is being used up at a much faster rate, and there is not enough time between the bouts of load shedding to refuel.

“As per safety regulations, refuelling can only be done upon return of Eskom power, when the generator is not in use and has sufficiently cooled down," the NMU said.

“Another challenge is that the University orders diesel in bulk (14 000L at a time) and it often takes a couple of days for the order to be delivered. 

“The Estates and Facilities Management team is doing their level best with the available resources under the circumstances and request your understanding in that regard."

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