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Backlinks are essential to your website Search Engine Optimisation

By Graeme Lund - Apr 25, 2019
Backlinks are essential to your website Search Engine Optimisation

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to a website from another website. This is a backlink for Agency One. If you place your cursor above the link it usually shows you the URL or website to which the link will take you. On the host website the link is called a hyperlink.

Why are backlinks so important?

Backlinks are crucial to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) because of “Link Juice”. Link juice is a colloquial term that implies that a link from one website sends vital nourishment to the website to which the link is directed.

Backlinks are a very important part of Google’s search Algorithm. Essentially, the more backlinks a website has, the higher Google will rank that website.

Consider the following scenario. Two competing plumbers have very similar websites. They rank equally in terms of structure, content, meta description etc. However, the website with the most backlinks will be ranked higher on a Google search result.

Consider another scenario. Of the two competing plumbers, one plumber has a marginally better website but the other plumber has far more backlinks. The plumber with large number of backlinks will rank higher in a Google search result.

In short, backlinks lead to more business.

Do-follow backlinks

You only want “Do-follow” backlinks and not “No-follow” backlinks. Do-follow backlinks send link juice, no-follow backlinks don’t. By default all backlinks are do-follow and the vast majority of hyperlinks result in a do-follow backlink.

No-follow backlinks have to be tagged as ‘no-follow’ by the person setting up the hyperlink.

High-quality vs low-quality backlinks

You also want “High-Quality” Links and not “Low-quality” links. A high-quality link originates from a respected website where as a low quality link comes from a website that Google or other search engines may have blacklisted or that they regard as being of a poor quality.

Backlinks that originate from Wikipedia for example are very high-quality backlinks. Those that originate from porn sites are very low-quality backlinks.

Do-follow, high-quality backlinks improve your website SEO

There are three ways in which backlinks improve your SEO. Firstly, as we have already established, the more backlinks your website has the higher your Google ranking. If all these backlinks are do-follow and high-quality then your SEO will improve with each backlink.

Secondly, search engines use robots, commonly called bots, to find new webpages by following backlinks from existing webpages. Only when the search engine has discovered a website site can they crawl your site effectively and index your site. Once your site has been indexed Google can begin ranking your site.

New or updated websites benefit most from backlinks because it speeds up the search indexing of the site.

Thirdly, and very importantly, backlinks generate referral traffic to a website. Thus if somebody is reading an article on a reputable news website about a new technique that a company has developed for finding underwater leaks they may follow the link in the article to the company’s website. This is known as a referral and referrals may lead to new business.

The more popular a website the higher Google will rank the website.

How do you obtain free backlinks?

Many backlinks can be obtained free of charge from Facebook, twitter and other social media. However, these generally don’t make you any better than a competitor because most businesses make use of these backlinks.

Wikipedia and similar websites will not list businesses. If you belong to a trade organisation, make sure that you have a backlink from their website.

However, beyond these basic and very common backlink publishers it can be very difficult to build up a host of high-quality, do-follow backlinks.

The best method is to have articles or blogs about your businesses published on reputable websites. These usually do not come free of charge.

RNEWS provides high-quality, do-follow backlinks

RNEWS is registered with Google as a news website and has 100 000 unique users a month with hundreds of thousands of page views. Backlinks originating from RNEWS are considered high-quality and all backlinks are do-follow.

RNEWS will publish press release with backlinks for a nominal fee and they will also write and publish regular press release, interviews or in depth articles for a fee too. Click here to view RNEWS rate card.

All articles with backlinks are also published on RNEWS’ daily email newsletter.

Obtain high-quality, do-follow backlinks from Home Food, Business Link and Travel and Kids Connection without cash payments

Home Food and Travel are a speciality publication, as their name suggests. They are also provide high-quality, do-follow backlinks. Click here to see their rate card.

Home Food and Travel offer a unique selling proposition in that they do not expect to be paid in cash for an article but will trade their articles for vouchers. These vouchers are then sold through Bargain Buys were even more backlinks are generated.

Kids Connection operates on the same basis as Home Food and Travel but obviously to a different target audience. View their rate card here.

Business Link's primary focus is business to business.

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