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253 Valuation Appeals Still to be Completed

OCTOBER 28, 2014
253 Valuation Appeals Still to be Completed

The Budget and Treasury Directorate says 358 of the appeals against the general valuation have been completed leaving 253 still to be done.

In a report, the directorate says 611 appeals were received from property owners who objected to the valuation of their properties and decided to appeal.

It states that once the appeals process has been completed, the Appeal Board will then deal with all the cases where the valuation was adjusted by the Municipal Valuer by more than 10% upwards or downwards.

The report also reveals that the directorate is still awaiting legal clarity as to whether members of the Board are entitled to be paid for days spent on preparation.

To date, the costs incurred by the municipality for the Appeal Board stands at R294 859.00, with the chairman being paid R4 344.00 a day and other members R3 232.00 a day. - MetroMinutes.


Photo courtesy of www.property24.com