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More life-guards for East London beaches after drowning incidents

Oct 22, 2019
More life-guards for East London beaches after drowning incidents

East London - Following another drowning at an East London beach, the Buffalo City Metro has issued a warning to beach-goers, who take on the waters, but do not know how to swim, to to be alert and exercise extra caution.

"This follows another fatality in the Eastern Beach on Saturday afternoon, bringing the number to three this week alone," the Metro said.

"The incident took place away from the demarcated swimming area, and even though life-guards managed to pull the adult male patron out, he succumbed during resuscitation."

On Friday, two school children, aged 13 and 14, drowned at Eastern beach with the Municipal life-guards saving four others, who were struggling in the waters.

"The Municipality is increasing the number of its additional life-guards’ deployment having advertised an additional 42 posts for the expected busy festive season," it added.

"The Municipality is warning swimmers to always swim between demarcated areas and always float with a rip current and not swim against it, especially in Eastern Beach.

"The scorching heat is resulting in a lot of schools touring the beach area and the Municipality is calling on teachers and adults to always ensure that they supervise children during swimming."

Safety tips while at the beach

Buffalo City Municipality is also calling on beach goers to take note of the following precautions when swimming:

1. Always swim or surf at a beach patrolled by surf lifesavers or lifeguards.
2. Swim between the red and yellow flags. These mark the safest areas to swim.
3. Avoid swimming alone or unsupervised.
4. Float with a rip current. Do not swim against it.
5. If you get into difficulty, try and stay calm, float and raise one arm until help arrives.
6. Don't run and dive into the water, even if you checked for hazards earlier. Conditions can change.
7. Don't swim directly after a meal.
8. Don't swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
9. If you are unsure of the conditions, ask a surf lifesaver or lifeguard.
10. Read the signs. If a beach is closed don't swim there.
11. Don't drink and swim or drive motor boats. Alcohol dulls the senses, slows the reactions and can cause irresponsible behaviour.
12. Know how to do CPR or how to blow air into another person's lungs until help arrives.
13. Don't dive from tidal pool walls, as this has been known to result in spinal injuries.
14. Pools provide a safer option to swim in than the oceans, as the currents are kept at bay. Do not take out small or unstable boats far from shore in choppy water or stormy weather.

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