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SACP wants disbanded Buffalo City Metro committee investigated

Mar 24, 2020
SACP wants disbanded Buffalo City Metro committee investigated

East London - The South African Communist Party (SACP) Skenjana Roji District (Buffalo City Metro) held its ordinary District Executive Committee (DEC) meeting on Sunday where it discussed a range of issues facing the Buffalo City Metro and the country.

"The DEC welcomed the decision of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Council to dissolve the selection committee that was responsible for issuing out tenders worth millions of rands allegedly to hand-picked companies of their choice," said Mnyamezeli Ndlazi, SACP Deputy District Secretary.

"The selection committee continued to exist despite its validity being questioned by the Auditor General last year.

"This is among the reasons that the SACP in the district organised and led a people’s march against corruption on the 15 November 2019 where included in the SACP’s memorandum of demands submitted to the municipality was the dissolution of the established selection committee on the basis that it was in violation of the Municipal Systems Act and the Supply Chain Management Framework."

Ndlazi added that while the SACP in the Buffalo City welcomed the disbandment of the committee, it reiterates its call for an investigation to be conducted on all the activities of the selection committee including the contracts awarded during the period of the selection committee.

"The SACP further welcomes the forensic investigation conducted by the Provincial Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and calls for the municipality to fully cooperate with the process."

2021 Local Government Elections

He said that the DEC discussed the political preparations for the upcoming 2021 local government elections.

"The DEC reiterated the call that all preparations towards the upcoming elections must be done in line with the principles of a reconfigured alliance which amongst others includes, an alliance that in both word and practice works to radically uplift the working class out of unemployment, inequality and poverty, that perspectives of all alliance partners must find expression in our approach to government policy content, and that the alliance must be fairly represented in all deployments," Ndlazi described.

"The meeting reaffirmed the SACP position that it will not support any candidates that have been imposed on the people and that have questionable reputations.

"In such cases, the Party will consider going beyond not just supporting the candidate and provide leadership to the people in the affected ward."

5th SACP Skenjana Roji District Congress

Ndlazi also said that the DEC meeting considered the roadmap to the SACP Skenjana Roji 05th District Congress as the term of office of the 04th DEC comes to an end in May this year.

"The Party in the district has already commenced with the administrative preparations for the Congress. It is important to note that the convening of the District Congress will be done in line with the restrictions announced by the South African Government and as well our Central Committee. As such the date of the District Congress has been moved to the 26th – 28th June 2020, subject to further announcements and directives from our government and Central Committee."

State of Governance in the Metro

"The meeting noted the serious challenges in relation to the state of governance in our metro which has led to the rising conditions of squalor our people live in," Ndlazi described.

"The SACP in the district will continue to intensify its campaign for amongst others, the establishment of the cooperatives for waste management, ending corruption in the metro, insourcing of government services, the provision of affordable, safe, reliable and integrated public transport system and the fight against gender-based violence directed mainly on women.

"The Party will continue leading popular struggles in this regard."

On Coronavirus

The meeting also noted the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (Covid19) which has now been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. The meeting also noted that the Eastern Cape has recorded its first case on the 21 March 2020. 

The SACP welcomed the role played by our government in providing the much-needed prompt response to the outbreak of this pandemic.

"This unfortunate situation requires all South Africans and people of the world to unite and work together to overcome this global health emergency. This is important not just to control the spread of the virus but also for the fact that the coronavirus will have a huge impact on a number of issues such as travel, tourism, trade and our already ailing economy," Ndlazi  said.

"The meeting called on the private health care sector, especially but not exclusively hospitals, to not place greed or demand for payment for profit and self-enrichment ahead of human life, but to make available facilities and selflessly take part in the national effort to contain the spread of the Covid-19 and provide testing and treatment purely on humanitarian grounds.

"The deployment of Cuban and Russian doctors to Italy demonstrates the much-needed cooperation and solidarity from all parts of the world. As such, the DEC applauded the Cuban and Russian governments for their acts of humanitarianism and solidarity. The meeting further applauded the decision by the Cuban government to allow a British ship with confirmed cases of the coronavirus to dock at its shores after its was turned away at a number of ports in the Caribbean.

"We need more countries like Cuba, we need an alternative social order, we need socialism."

He said that the DEC supports the call that has been made by various authorities for people not to spread unverified information as this often leads to unnecessary panic amongst the people.

"The meeting further called on all South Africans to practise personal and respiratory hygiene as part of basic protective measures," Ndlazi  noted.

"In addition to this, the DEC called on government to ensure that adequate resources are deployed, especially to working class communities and at public facilities serving the working class, such as taxi ranks, bus ranks and train stations. This crisis reinforces the idea of the new world order, the case for socialism."

National situation

Ndlazi said that the meeting noted that the DEC was convened at a time where our country is confronted with the challenge of an ailing economy, characterised by the persistent high levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

"As reported by the Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the fourth quarter of 2019, the official unemployment rate remained unchanged at 29,1% as compared to the third quarter of 2019," he described.

"The number of discouraged work-seekers increased by 62 000, while 40,1% of the 20,4 million people aged between 15-34 years are not in employment, education or training. This situation requires an intensified struggle to transform our economy to serve the people.

"The DEC is extremely concerned about the situation with regards to the South African Public Protector whose integrity is increasingly being questioned in light of the number of her findings which have been successfully reviewed by courts as demonstrated in the latest High Court order that ruled in favour of the South African Reserve Bank and directed her to pay 15% of the costs."

Ndlazi said that the integrity of the Public Protector is further damaged by her evident desperation to serve the interests of a faction within the movement not the people of South Africa.

"Her conduct demonstrates more than anything the public needs to be protected from the Public Protector. The DEC called on the parliamentary process to determine her fitness to hold office to be expedited in the interests of the public." 

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